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Join PharmEasy Refer and Earn program with PharmEasy referral code 2S2J7 and get an extra 5% discount on your orders. Earn cashback and referral bonuses by referring your friends and family to use PharmEasy.

Q: What is PharmEasy?

A: PharmEasy is an online pharmacy and healthcare platform that allows customers to order medicines and healthcare products from the comfort of their homes. It also offers lab tests and doctor consultations through its app and website.

Q: What is PharmEasy Refer and Earn?

A: PharmEasy Refer and Earn is a program where you can earn cashback or referral bonuses by referring your friends and family to use PharmEasy.

Q: Can I use my refund cash to pay for my PharmEasy order?

A: Yes, you can use your entire refund cash to pay for your PharmEasy order.

Q: What is PharmEasy Referral Code?

A: PharmEasy Referral Code is 2S2J7.

Q: How much of my medicine order value can I pay with cashback?

A: For a PharmEasy medicine offer, you can pay 5% of your medicine order value with cashback.

Q: Can I use my entire cashback amount to pay for my Lab Test Booking?

A: Yes, you can use your entire cashback amount to pay for your Lab Test Booking.

Q: What is the difference between cashback and refund cash?

A: Cashback is any amount credited to your PharmEasy wallet as part of promotional campaigns. Refund Cash is the amount refunded to your wallet when your order or part of it is returned and the amount has been credited to your wallet.

Q: Does refund cash expire?

A: No, refund cash, which is credited as part of any order return originally does not expire.

Q: Does cashback expire?

A: Yes, based on the type of promotions, cashback is credited with an expiry.

Q: How can I check my wallet balance?

A: You can check the wallet section on your PharmEasy app/website. All information on wallet credit and debit will be available there.

Q: Can I use both types of wallet (cashback and refund cash) to pay for my order?

A: Yes, both the wallet types can be used to pay for your order. However, each will be used based on their individual usage guidelines.

Q: How does the system calculate the eligible amount of wallet to use in the order?

A: Based on the usage guidelines, your cart will calculate and display how much of your wallet amount is eligible to be used in the order. You will also be able to see a breakdown of how much of each wallet type has been used.

Q: Does all promotional cashback expire?

A: Yes, all promotional cashback, including cashback earned as a PharmEasy Plus Member will now be eligible for expiry.

Q: Does loyalty cashback expire?

A: Yes, your loyalty cashback will expire after a period of 60 days leaving you ample time to use the cashback for your PharmEasy order.

Q: What happens to refund cash if I use it?

A: Any Refund cash, if used, will be credited back without an expiry.

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