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India's most rewarding referral program from Cashkaro. Invite friends and earn flat 10% of their Cashback amount, EVERYTIME they shop!

Q: How do I refer CashKaro to my friends?

A: Click on ‘My Account’/’Profile’

  1. Go to ‘Refer and Earn'

  2. Copy your referral link

  3. Share this referral link with your friends /family.

Q: What will I earn when I refer a friend on CashKaro?

A: You will receive 10% of your referral's Cashback/Rewards amount every time they shop! In the 'Pending Cashback' section of your referral earnings, you will see your referral earnings as 'Pending Cashback'.

Q: I want to know how CashKaro pays me Real Cashback.

A: Over 1500 partners are associated with CashKaro. These partner sites pay CashKaro commissions for every transaction our customers make. As a result of these commissions, most customers receive real Cashback.

Q: Is CashKaro a safe app?

A: It is absolutely safe to use CashKaro app. The app allows you to shop through 1500+ retailers and earn real Cashback as you normally would.

Q: How do I get my BankSathi referral income?

A: Whenever one of your referrals earns, you will receive 10% of his earnings as commission. The balance will be added to your account.

Q: How much you can earn from CashKaro?

A: If you invite 50 friends & they shop. You earn 50 x ₹200 = ₹10,000 for free!

Q: What are the ways to earn money with CashKaro?

A: By using the CashKaro app, you can earn real CashKaro by shopping at any of your favorite retailers, receiving Cashback that you can transfer to your bank account.

Q: How do you earn from EarnKaro?

A: When your referral (a friend or a family member) downloads the EarnKaro app using your link, you earn 10% of their confirmed profit - for life!

Q: How does EarnKaro work?

A: At EarnKaro, you make money easily! All you need to do is share great deals from popular sites like Flipkart, Myntra, and Ajio. When your friends, family, and others in your network shop through your Profit Link, you'll earn Profit! It's a great way to make some extra cash while helping others save money on their purchases.

Q: How do I get my referral code in EarnKaro?

A: It's easy to get your referral code in EarnKaro! Just go to 'My referral' under the profile icon on the EarnKaro app and click 'Refer and Earn Lifetime.'

Q: How Much can You Earn Through EarnKaro’s Refer and Earn Program?

A: The great thing about EarnKaro's Refer and Earn Program is that you can earn 10% of your referral's earnings. So, if a friend you referred earns Rs. 100 in Profit from their transaction, you will get 10% of that as your Referral Profit, which in this case would be Rs. 10.

Q: How Do You Withdraw Money From EarnKaro?

A: To withdraw your money, open the EarnKaro app, select My profile, and then go to the "My Earnings" area. Now select "Request Profit Payment" and input the information for your bank account. To transfer your profits from EarnKaro to your bank account, enter your desired amount and click the Withdraw button.

Q: Where can I share my EarnKaro link?

A: You can share the link directly by email or copy it to post on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, and other social media sites.

Q: Is Earnkaro Safe?

A: Yes. It is one of the leading platforms for affiliate marketing. You can earn money with EarnKaro's affiliate program, one of the safest affiliate programs available. EarnKaro is funded by some big names, such as Mr. Rata Tata. When you join EarnKaro's affiliate program, no documents are required.

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