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Join FabHotels refer and earn program using FabHotels referral code 9O9X2G and earn ₹500 for each friend you refer. Your friend also earns ₹700. Get a chance to win a free Goa trip along with the referral reward.

Q: What is FabHotels?

A: FabHotels is a chain of budget hotels in India that provides affordable and comfortable accommodations to travelers across various cities in India.

Q: How can I book a room with FabHotels?

A: You can book a room with FabHotels by visiting their website or mobile app, selecting your desired location, choosing a hotel, and making a payment using your preferred mode of payment.

Q: What is FabHotels Refer and Earn program?

A: FabHotels Refer and Earn program is a referral program that allows users to invite their friends to stay at FabHotels. The program incentivizes both the referrer and the referred person with Fab credits. The referred person is given 700 Fab credits upon sign up using the referral link, which can be used to book future stays. The referrer is rewarded with Fab credits when the referred person completes their first stay at FabHotels. The amount of Fab credits rewarded to the referrer depends on the referral level and the steps completed by the referred person.

Q: Who is eligible to be referred in the FabHotels Refer and Earn program?

A: Any person who has never signed up on FabHotels website or app using their phone number can be referred in the program.

How does FabHotels refer and earn work
How does FabHotels refer and earn work?

Q: What is referral code for FabHotels?

A: FabHotels referral code is 9O9X2G.

Q: How can one refer to their friends?

A: Users can invite their friends to join through various ways, such as via email, social media, WhatsApp, or easy share link. Users can also refer all/selected friends in their contacts at the same time using the contact upload feature in FabHotels app.

Q: What are Fab credits?

A: Fab credits is FabHotels' currency that can be earned by staying with them or successfully referring users. Users can use these credits for making future bookings with them. Each Fab credit is equivalent to INR 1 on their platform.

Q: What are the requirements for generating a referral code? How can it be activated?

A: Any user who has signed up on FabHotels website or app needs to have a verified mobile number and name in the profile for the generation of the referral code. To verify the mobile number, users need to log in to their FabHotels account using their registered mobile number, and enter the OTP sent to their mobile number. Users can personalize their referral code by visiting on the website or app, and changing it to a new 6-8 characters referral code that should be unique and should not contain any special characters. The referral code can be changed only once.

Q: What are the different levels in the refer and earn program? How can one unlock each level?

A: There are currently seven levels in the referral program. The eligibility to unlock each level depends on three factors: No. of signups by referred users using the referral code, No. of bookings made by unique referred users, and No. of completed stays by unique referred users. Users will start at Level 1 and need to have two successful signups from the referred friends to reach Level 2. The detailed breakdown of eligibility for each level is provided on the website.

Q: How much would one earn when their friend signs up using their referral code? What are the other benefits at each level?

A: As one upgrades from one level to another, multiple benefits are added to their account. For example, at Level 1, one can earn 500 Fab credits for every successful referral and get an assured scratch card on level completion. At Level 2, they can earn 550 Fab credits for every successful referral and get an assured scratch card on level completion. At Level 3, they can earn 600 Fab credits for every successful referral, get an assured scratch card on level completion, and a special discount coupon on level completion. Similarly, the benefits for other levels are available on the website.

Q: Can I refer FabHotels to my family members?

A: Yes, you can refer FabHotels to anyone you know, including your family members, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. As long as they sign up using your referral code and complete their first stay, you will receive Fab credits in your account.

Q: How long are my referral credits valid for?

A: The Fab credits that you earn through the Refer and Earn program are valid for 365 days from the date of credit. You can use these credits to make bookings on FabHotels website or app.

Q: Can I refer FabHotels to someone who already has an account on the platform?

A: No, the referral program is only applicable to new users who sign up on FabHotels for the first time using your referral code. If someone already has an account on FabHotels, they will not be eligible for the program.

Q: How many times can I use my referral code?

A: You can use your referral code as many times as you want to refer FabHotels to your friends and family. However, your referral code can only be used by new users who sign up on FabHotels for the first time using your code.

Q: Can I refer FabHotels to someone outside of India?

A: No, the Refer and Earn program is only valid for users who sign up on the FabHotels website or app in India. If someone outside of India signs up using your referral code, you will not receive any credits.

Q: How can I track my referral activity and earnings?

A: You can track your referral activity and earnings by logging into your FabHotels account and navigating to the Referral section. Here, you can see your referral code, referral link, and referral activity. You can also see the number of credits you have earned and your referral level.

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