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Start earning $10 in free cashback by joining the TopCashback Refer and Earn program. Refer your friends and enjoy the benefits of cashback together.

Q: What is TopCashback?

A: TopCashback is the USA's most generous cashback site where shoppers can earn cashback on their purchases from over SEVEN THOUSAND major retailers.

Q: How does TopCashback work?

A: TopCashback works by receiving commission for purchases made by users at partner retailers and passing this commission back to the users as cashback.

TopCashback Refer and Earn
TopCashback Refer and Earn

Q: How can I earn cashback by referring friends to TopCashback?

A: You can earn cashback by referring friends to TopCashback through the Tell-a-Friend program. When you recommend to people you know, and they sign up through your unique Tell-a-Friend link, you can earn a $35 free cashback bonus.

Q: Can I contact people through email or electronic communications to refer them to TopCashback?

A: You should only contact people via email or other electronic communications if you have their consent to do so.

Q: What if my friends or family members aren't interested in joining TopCashback?

A: Even if your friends or family members are not interested in joining TopCashback, they can still help you earn cashback. You can send them a special link to a TopCashback merchant, and any cashback they earn through that link will go to your account.

Q: What are the requirements for a successful referral?

A: For a referral to be successful, your friend must click on your unique Tell-a-Friend link and sign up to the site during that click-through.

Q: How can I receive the Tell-a-Friend bonus?

A: To receive the Tell-a-Friend bonus, your friend must authenticate their TopCashback account and reach a minimum cashback threshold of $10.

Q: When does my bonus become payable?

A: Your bonus will become payable when your friend has a minimum of $10 cashback at the payable status.

Q: Will I be paid referral bonuses for all referrals?

A: Referral bonuses will only be paid for genuine sign-ups. If the new account created as a referral has been terminated or if multiple accounts are created by the same person or any fraudulent signups are detected, the referral bonus may not be paid, and your account and linked accounts may be terminated.

Q: Can the referral thresholds and criteria be adjusted?

A: Yes, the criteria used to determine referral thresholds may be adjusted at any time.

Q: Can I promote TopCashback beyond my friends and family?

A: To promote TopCashback beyond your friends and family, you must meet certain stipulations. If you choose to promote TopCashback on your website, you need to include options for consent to cookies, a cookie policy, and a privacy policy.

Q: Can I use my referral link in search engine sponsored listings or paid advertising?

A: Your referral link should not be used in search engine sponsored listings or any other paid advertising without the prior permission of TopCashback.

Q: What happens if I impersonate TopCashback or make false claims?

A: Members who falsely impersonate TopCashback or make false claims relating to rewards may not be paid referral bonuses and risk the termination of their TopCashback account.

Q: Can the referral bonus amount change?

A: Yes, the referral bonus amount may increase or decrease at any time. The bonus amount that will be applied to your account is the amount that was advertised on the site at the time your friend signed up from your link.

Q: What if my cashback doesn't track to my account?

A: If your cashback doesn't track to your account, don't worry. Some transactions may take a while to be reported to TopCashback by the merchants. If the cashback hasn't tracked after a week or two, you can complete a Missing Cashback Claim form. You will need your order number from the merchant you made the purchase from.

Q: How long does it take to resolve a cashback claim?

A: The majority of cashback claims are resolved successfully within 2 or 3 months. Even if it takes longer, TopCashback expects to be able to resolve the claim in due course, as that is how long it typically takes for the cashback to reach them.

Q: Why might the cashback take longer to reach me?

A: Retailers usually get invoiced for the cashback after the end of the month in which the transaction occurred. This means that if your transaction was at the start of a month, you might have to wait slightly longer for your cashback compared to someone who made a purchase at the end of a month.

Q: How and when is the cashback paid to me?

A: Once the cashback is received by TopCashback, they pass on 100% of the cashback awarded for your purchase. You can request the payout of your payable cashback immediately without having to wait for monthly or quarterly payouts.

Q: What if my cashback transaction is declined by the merchant?

A: If your transaction is showing as declined or has a line through the amount, it means that the merchant has declined your cashback transaction. In such cases, you can lodge a missing cashback claim, and TopCashback will investigate the issue further for you.

Q: Can I suggest a new merchant to be added to TopCashback?

A: Yes, you can suggest a new merchant to be added to TopCashback. They are open to suggestions and continuously expanding their list of partner retailers.

Q: What if a merchant claims they don't have a relationship with TopCashback?

A: If a merchant tells you they don't have a relationship with TopCashback, it could be a misunderstanding or an error. In such cases, you can reach out to TopCashback's customer support for assistance.

Q: What if I find a higher cashback rate elsewhere?

A: If you come across a higher cashback rate elsewhere, TopCashback offers a guarantee to beat it. You can inform them about the higher rate, and they will strive to provide a better offer for you.

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