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Refer BankSathi app to your friends and family and earn 10% of their earning. Build your team & get more earning. For Example : If Your friend earn ₹100 you get ₹10.

Q: What is BankSathi Referral Program?

A: If you refer someone to download BankSathi app you will receive 10% commission lifetime from their earning.

Q: What does BankSathi do?

A: BankSathi offers you to sell financial product online like Loan, Demat Account, Saving Account, Credit Card, Insurance etc and you will earn good income by selling these financial product as becoming a BankSathi Advisor.

Q:What is BankSathi referral code?

A: BankSathi referral code is 22110833.

Q: When will I receive my commission on BankSathi?

A: After tracking, lead advisor commissions will be added after 7 working days. After that, advisors can withdraw their earnings.

Q: How do I get my BankSathi referral income?

A: Whenever one of your referrals earns, you will receive 10% of his earnings as commission. The balance will be added to your account.

Q: What is the process for withdrawing my payout from BankSathi?

A: Your payout can be withdrawn in just a few steps, but you must make sure there is a balance in the 'Balance' section before you can withdraw it.

Q: How to get my payout in Paytm from BankSathi?

A: From the payment section, click on withdraw now. You can withdraw your money by selecting 'Paytm Transfer' from the payment mode selection and clicking 'Confirm & Withdraw'.

Q: What is the process for getting my payout from BankSathi into my bank account?

A: To withdraw now, click the withdraw now button in the payment section. Choose 'Bank Transfer' as the payment method and click 'Confirm and Withdraw'.

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