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Join Stable Money refer and earn program and win up to Rs 1,50,000 by referring friends and building your network. Get paid even when someone from your network books an FD.

Q: What is Stable Money?

A: Stable Money is an investment platform enabling users to invest in fixed-income products, primarily fixed deposits (FDs). It allows for easy comparison of FDs across 200+ banks and NBFCs in India, facilitating online FD bookings within minutes. The platform offers features like FD laddering, break FD, and switch FD for user convenience.

Q: Why Choose Stable Money?

A: Stable Money is ideal for investors seeking a secure and straightforward way to invest their funds. With FDs, it offers guaranteed returns, minimizing investment risks. Users can compare various banks' FDs to opt for the most competitive interest rates.

Q: What is the Stable Money Refer and Earn Program?

A: The Refer and Earn program by Stable Money is a referral initiative allowing users to invite friends to the platform. By referring individuals who subsequently book Fixed Deposits (FDs), participants can earn rewards and benefits.

Q: How Does the Stable Money Refer and Earn Program Work?

A: Users can refer friends using a unique referral link. When the referred individuals sign up as new customers through this link and book an FD, the referrer becomes eligible for referral rewards.

Q: Do I Need to Have an Active FD to Refer Someone on Stable Money?

A: Yes, to qualify for the referral benefits, referrers need to have an active FD booked on the Stable Money platform.

Q: What Happens If My Referred Friend Withdraws Their FD Prematurely?

A: If a friend from your referral network withdraws their FD before the 90-day payout window, you'll lose the referral reward and subsequent network benefits from that friend.

Q: Is Booking an FD Necessary to Refer Someone?

A: Yes, to avail referral benefits, you must have an active FD booked on the platform.

Q: Is There a Limit to the Number of Referrals I Can Make?

A: No, there's no specific limit. However, there's a cap of ₹1,50,000 on the total referral amount that can be earned per referrer.

Q: Will I Get Rewards for Friends I Recently Referred Before the New Referral Program?

A: No, rewards are granted only when a customer installs the app using your referral link and books their FD after the launch of the new referral program, post-26th October.

Q: If My Friend Books Multiple FDs, How Much Referral Reward Will I Get?

A: You'll receive a referral reward only once per referred user in your network. The payout is expected within 90 days.

Q: Who Can I Refer for the Program?

A: You can refer anyone within your circle, except for existing signed-up customers of Stable Money, as they won't count as referrals in this program.

Q: What FDs Are Allowed for Referral Benefits?

A: Your friend can book any available FD on Stable Money. Referral benefits extend up to 4 layers with specific rewards for each layer, capped at ₹1,50,000.

Layer 1: ₹300

Layer 2: ₹200

Layer 3: ₹100

Layer 4: ₹50

Q: What Qualifies as a Successful Referral?

To qualify, the referrer must share their unique link, and the referee must sign up using that link as a new customer on the Stable Money platform. A successful referral happens when they book an FD on Stable Money.

Q: Who Should Use Stable Money?

A: Stable Money is suitable for:

  • Investors looking for secure and guaranteed returns.

  • Those interested in comparing FDs from different banks to find the best interest rates.

Q: How to Use Stable Money?

A: The process involves:

  • Creating an account on the Stable Money platform.

  • Comparing FDs from multiple banks and NBFCs.

  • Choosing the FD with the best interest rate and investment term.

  • Investing online and monitoring FD performance till maturity for withdrawals.

Q: Is it Safe to Invest in FDs on Stable Money?

A: Yes, it's secure as Stable Money doesn’t retain any invested funds. Your money directly goes to the respective bank. Additionally, stringent data encryption and industry-standard security protocols ensure the protection of user information.

Q: Is Stable Money Free?

A: Yes, Stable Money is a free investment platform without any convenience fees.

Q: What is the ₹5 Lakhs RBI Insurance for Bank FD?

A: RBI insures deposits, including FDs, up to ₹5 Lakhs per depositor per bank. This insurance, facilitated by DICGC, covers the deposited amount and its earned interest separately for each bank.

Q: How Can I Start My First FD in 3 Minutes?

A: To initiate your first FD investment in under 3 minutes:

  • Select the appropriate FD for your financial goals.

  • Verify your identity with PAN and Aadhaar details.

  • Link and verify your bank account for maturity crediting.

  • Complete payment through UPI or Netbanking. The bank will approve your FD, and the receipt will be provided via email or the app.

Q: Who Holds My Money When I Invest in FD on Stable Money?

A: Your investment directly goes to the chosen bank, where it remains until maturity or withdrawal. Stable Money doesn't retain any funds.

Q: Can I Withdraw My FD Before Maturity?

A: Withdrawal criteria vary among banks:

  • Utkarsh Small Finance Bank allows withdrawals after 7 days without penalties on the invested amount or earned interest.

  • Shriram Finance Ltd and Bajaj Finance Ltd have varying penalty structures based on the withdrawal timing.

Q: How Do I Receive the ₹200 Reward?

A: Upon completing your first FD booking above ₹10,000 on Stable Money, you'll receive a ₹200 Amazon Voucher as a welcome gift, sent to your registered email after 45 days of FD confirmation by the bank.

Q: What Products Does Stable Money Offer Besides FDs?

A: Stable Money is working on introducing various investment products like debt mutual funds, government bonds, and sovereign gold bonds. These products will provide additional diversification options for investors.

Q: Can I Invest in FDs from Any Bank in India through Stable Money?

A: Yes, Stable Money allows users to compare and invest in FDs from over 200 banks and NBFCs in India, providing a wide selection of options.

Q: How Are FD Interest Rates Determined on Stable Money?

A: Interest rates offered on FDs are determined by the respective banks and NBFCs. Stable Money facilitates the comparison of these rates to help users find the most competitive options.

Q: Is There a Minimum Investment Amount for FDs on Stable Money?

A: The minimum investment amount might vary based on the bank or NBFC offering the FD. Stable Money allows users to compare various FDs with different minimum investment requirements.

Q: Can I Invest in Multiple FDs Simultaneously on Stable Money?

A: Yes, Stable Money offers the feature of FD laddering, enabling users to invest in multiple FDs with different maturity dates. This strategy allows for better liquidity and optimized returns.

Q: Are There Any Taxes Applicable to the Returns from FDs on Stable Money?

A: Yes, FD returns are subject to taxation as per the current income tax regulations in India. The interest earned on FDs is added to the investor's annual income and taxed according to their income tax bracket.

Q: Is Stable Money Regulated by Any Financial Authorities?

A: Stable Money operates as an investment platform facilitating transactions between users and banks. The platform ensures compliance with financial regulations and security standards but is not a financial institution itself.

Q: What Happens if a Bank Goes Bankrupt Where I've Invested Through Stable Money?

A: In case of bank insolvency, the DICGC, an RBI subsidiary, insures deposits up to ₹5 Lakhs per bank per depositor, safeguarding both the principal amount and earned interest.

Q: How Can I Get Assistance or Support with my Investments on Stable Money?

A: Stable Money offers customer support for any queries or assistance required during the investment process. Users can reach out via the platform's app, website, or contact channels provided.

Q: Can I Automatically Renew an FD Upon Maturity Through Stable Money?

A: Stable Money allows users to opt for automatic renewal of their FDs upon maturity. This feature ensures a seamless process without manual intervention for re-investment.

Q: What Happens If I Forget to Withdraw My FD Amount After Maturity?

A: If you fail to withdraw your FD amount after maturity, most banks automatically renew the FD for the same tenure, subject to the prevailing interest rates.

Q: Is There a Penalty for Delayed Withdrawal After FD Maturity?

A: Penalties for delayed withdrawal post-maturity vary among banks. Some institutions might offer a grace period, while others might impose penalties or revised interest rates on delayed withdrawals.

Q: Are There Any Hidden Charges or Fees While Investing Through Stable Money?

A: Stable Money operates as a free investment platform without any hidden charges or convenience fees. Users only deal with the terms set by the chosen bank for their FD.

Q: Can I Monitor My FD Investments and Returns on Stable Money?

A: Yes, Stable Money provides a comprehensive dashboard where users can monitor their FD investments, track their performance, and access details regarding returns and maturity dates.

Q: Are Joint FD Investments Possible through Stable Money?

A: Stable Money supports joint FD investments, allowing multiple individuals to invest in the same FD with provisions for joint ownership and nominee details.

Q: Can I Break or Close My FD Before Maturity Through Stable Money?

A: While early withdrawal is possible, it might be subject to penalties or revised interest rates based on the bank’s policies. Stable Money streamlines this process for users to easily break or prematurely close their FDs.

Q: How Does Stable Money Ensure Data Security?

A: Stable Money employs stringent data encryption measures and industry-standard security protocols to safeguard user information, ensuring that data is used solely for transactional purposes and facilitating informed investment decisions.

Q: Does Stable Money Provide Investment Advice or Financial Consultation?

A: Stable Money serves as an investment platform and does not provide personalized financial advice. However, it offers comprehensive information and comparison tools for users to make informed investment decisions.

Q: What Are the Available Payment Options for Investing in FDs Through Stable Money?

A: Users can make payments for their FD investments via UPI or Netbanking, ensuring a convenient and secure transaction process.

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