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Join Gullak Refer and Earn program with Gullak referral code 235WRK and earn up to ₹500. Start referring friends and family to earn rewards on Gullak, India's leading personal finance app.

Q: What is Gullak?

A: Gullak is a mobile app that helps you save money effortlessly, set goals, and achieve your life goals.

Q: How does Gullak work?

A: Gullak automatically saves your spare change from online transactions, lets you set up automatic payments, and reminds you to save on your everyday spends. You can also create savings goals and start small, with plans starting from ₹50/day.

Q: What is Gullak Refer and Earn Program?

A: The Gullak Refer and Earn program allows users to invite their friends to download the Gullak app and earn rewards for successful referrals. When a user refers a friend and the friend signs up for Gullak using the referral code, the user and the friend both receive rewards. The user can add their referral earning into any of their Gullak accounts. To refer friends, users can navigate to the Rewards section of the app and click on "Refer and Win" to get their referral code.

Q: How does the Gullak Refer and Earn program work?

A: The Gullak Refer and Earn program allows users to invite their friends to download the Gullak app using a unique Gullak referral code. When the friend signs up using the referral code, both the user and the friend earn rewards.

Q: What is referral code for Gullak app?

A: Gullak referral code is 235WRK.

Q: How much can I earn through the Gullak Refer and Earn program?

A: The amount you can earn through the Gullak Refer and Earn program depends on the specific reward offers available at the time. Typically, the rewards range from ₹25 to ₹125 per successful referral.

Q: Can I refer an unlimited number of friends?

A: Yes, there is no limit to the number of friends you can refer through the Gullak Refer and Earn program.

Q: How do I refer my friends to Gullak?

A: To refer your friends, navigate to the Rewards section of the app and click on "Refer and Win". You will get a unique referral code that you can share with your friends via various messaging platforms.

Q: When will I receive my referral rewards?

A: Your referral rewards will be credited to your rewards section as soon as the friend you referred sets up their first autopay on Gullak.

Q: Can I add my referral earnings into any of my Gullak accounts?

A: Yes, you have the flexibility to add your referral earning into any of your Gullak accounts.

Q: Are there any restrictions or requirements for participating in the Refer and Earn program?

A: Yes, there are certain terms and conditions that apply to the Gullak Refer and Earn program. These can be found in the app's Rewards section, and include requirements such as both the user and the friend signing up for Gullak using a unique referral code and completing their first autopay transaction.

Q: Can I customize my savings on Gullak?

A: Yes, you can customize your savings on Gullak by changing the nearest round-off limit and adding multipliers to increase your savings.

Q: How does Gullak's digital gold investment work?

A: Gullak invests your spare change in digital gold, which is 24K 999 pure gold securely stored in insured vaults for you. You can buy digital gold on Gullak starting from as low as Rs.10.

Q: What is Gullak Gold+?

A: Gullak Gold+ is a leasing program facilitated by Gullak along with Augmont, which allows users to securely lease their gold through the Gullak app. The gold metal is leased to reputed, trustworthy, and legacy holding jewelers in the country, who provide security in the form of bank/corporate guarantees to protect the investment.

Q: Who can participate in Gullak Gold+?

A: Anyone over the age of 18 years, with a valid PAN card number and an active bank account, can participate in Gold+. The minimum quantity required to participate in Gold+ is 0.5 grams, and the maximum quantity is 250 grams.

Q: Is Gullak Gold+ a legal product?

A: Yes, Gold+ is a legal product, and Gullak would never offer or endorse any products that are not legal.

Q: How does Gullak Gold+ benefit large-scale jewelers in India?

A: Large-scale jewelers in India require 250-500 Kgs of gold every month to run their business. To protect themselves from any losses due to daily price fluctuations, these jewelers prefer to take a loan in gold metal instead of INR/Rupees. Gold+ helps them lease gold at a better price and also creates an opportunity for larger India to invest in this product.

Q: How can I un-lease gold from Gullak Gold+?

A: Un-leasing gold from Gold+ is easy and can be done from the Gold+ section in the app. However, it may take 1-2 days for the gold to get transferred back to your Gullak before you can withdraw or sell.

Q: Is Gullak safe and secure?

A: Yes, Gullak is 100% safe and secure. It is built by the makers of BHIM and is partnered with Paytm for secure payment gateways. Gullak uses UPI autopay by NPCI and follows all RBI guidelines. Your money is invested in 24K 999 pure gold provided by Augmont, which is NABL and BIS accredited.

Q: Can I withdraw my savings from Gullak?

A: Yes, you can withdraw your savings anytime. To withdraw, go to the home screen, click on withdraw, enter the quantity (gms) of gold you want to sell, enter your UPI ID, and click on withdraw. The withdrawal is instant and does not require any KYC.

Q: Who is Gullak's digital gold provider?

A: Gullak's digital gold provider is Augmont Enterprises Private Limited, India’s leading state-of-the-art Gold and Silver refinery, and India's largest fully integrated Gold player.

Q: How can I refer my friends to Gullak?

A: To refer your friends to Gullak, go to the Rewards section, click on "refer and win" at the top right, copy the code, and share it with your friends via WhatsApp, SMS, email, etc. Your referral reward will be credited to your rewards section as soon as the friend you referred sets up their first autopsy.

Q: Is my data safe on Gullak?

A: Yes, Gullak ensures that all your data is encrypted and hashed. It uses account safeguards, SSL certificates, secured payment gateways by Paytm, and follows all compliances to ensure the safety and security of your data.

Q: What rewards can I win on Gullak?

A: Gullak offers various rewards, including assured rewards of up to ₹200 for saving for seven days, a chance to win up to ₹125 for referring your friends, and waived off making or delivery charges on the purchase of a Gold coin through Gullak worth ₹1100.

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