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Invite friends to GoStor with GoStor referral code GOHIMAN57721! They enjoy a 6% discount on the first order of ₹5,000+ (excl. smartphones), and you receive ₹250 cash in your bank. Join GoStor refer and earn now!

Q: What is GoStor?

A: is a leading e-commerce platform specialized in electronics, offering the widest variety of home appliances. With features like Expert-Assisted Buying and GoCare, GoStor ensures customers make informed purchases and receive comprehensive post-purchase support.

Q: What products can I find on

A: offers an extensive range of electronics including TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, mobile phones, laptops, audio and IT equipment, kitchen and small appliances, and personal care products from top brands.

Q: What is the GoStor refer and earn program?

A: The GoStor refer and earn program allows existing GoStor users to share a unique referral code with friends or family who have not yet made a purchase on GoStor. When the referred user uses the code on their first purchase of Rs. 5,000 or more (excluding smartphones), they get 6% off, and the referrer earns Rs. 250 cash.

Q: Who is eligible to refer others and earn rewards?

A: Any registered user on the GoStor website or mobile app can refer others and earn rewards through this program by sharing their unique referral code.

Q: What is referral code for GoStor?

A: GoStor referral code is GOHIMAN57721.

Q: Who can be referred through this program?

A: The referral code can only be used by new GoStor users who have not previously made a purchase on the platform. Existing users who have already placed an order cannot be referred.

Q: What discount does the referred user get?

A: The referred user gets an instant 6% discount on their first GoStor order, up to a maximum discount of Rs. 5,000, when they apply the referral code at checkout.

Q: What is the referral reward amount for the referring user?

A: If the referral is successful, the referring user earns a cash reward of Rs. 250 which is credited to their provided bank account within 45 days after the return period.

Q: Is there a minimum order value for the referral discount?

A: Yes, the referred user must make a minimum purchase of Rs. 5,000 (excluding smartphones) on their first order to be eligible for the 6% referral discount.

Q: Can the referral code be used more than once?

A: No, each referral code can only be used one time by a new referred user on their first GoStor order.

Q: Are there any product exclusions for the referral program?

A: Yes, the referral discount is not applicable on purchases made in the 'Mobiles' category on GoStor.

Q: How long does it take for the referrer to receive their reward?

A: The referring user will receive their Rs. 250 cash reward within 45 days after the applicable return period for the referred user's order has passed.

Q: How can the referrer claim their reward?

A: To receive the reward, the referring user must provide their bank account details through the GoStor platform.

Q: Can users refer themselves or create multiple accounts?

A: No, users cannot refer themselves or create multiple fake accounts to abuse the referral program. GoStor reserves the right to revoke the program for suspected misuse.

Q: Can the discount or reward be transferred or encashed?

A: No, neither the referral discount nor the cash reward can be transferred to others or encashed. The discount is account-specific.

Q: What if the referred order is cancelled or returned?

A: If the referred user cancels their order or returns the purchased product, the referring user will not be eligible for the Rs. 250 referral reward.

Q: Can GoStor modify or terminate this referral program?

A: Yes, GoStor reserves the right to modify any terms or completely terminate the refer and earn program at any time.

Q: How can users get more information about the program?

A: For any other queries related to the GoStor refer and earn program, users can reach out to GoStor's customer support at

Q: How does the Expert-Assisted Buying feature work?

A: Expert-Assisted Buying connects customers with industry experts for virtual demos and technical explanations, ensuring customers choose the perfect product for their needs by making an informed purchase decision.

Q: What does GoStor offer in terms of competitive exchange value?

A: GoStor provides competitive exchange offers for your old electronics, making it easier to upgrade to the latest technology or models, and also offers an Assured Buyback Value at the time of purchase.

Q: What are the bank offers and EMI schemes available?

A: GoStor partners with leading banks in India to bring attractive EMI schemes and exclusive bank offers, making premium electronics more accessible while ensuring secure payments.

Q: What is Assured Buyback Value?

A: At GoStor, the Assured Buyback Value guarantees a predefined value for your product, facilitating an upgrade to newer models in the future without worrying about depreciation.

Q: What if I need to return my product?

A: GoStor offers a no-hassle return and refund policy, allowing customers to replace or return ordered products easily, ensuring a worry-free shopping experience.

Q: What is GoCare?

A: GoCare is GoStor's comprehensive appliance protection plan, providing lifetime care for products, including installation, demos, service, an extended warranty, and more, covering the entire lifecycle of the product.

Q: How do I know I'm getting the best price on GoStor?

A: prides itself on offering the best prices online for electronics, backed by price-match guarantees, ensuring customers get unmatched value for their purchases.

Q: Can I upgrade my electronics easily on GoStor?

A: Yes, GoStor simplifies the upgrade process by offering high exchange values and Assured Buyback options, making it financially easier to always have the latest in technology.

Q: How secure is shopping on GoStor?

A: is committed to maintaining the highest level of payment security and safety, employing advanced encryption and security protocols to protect your transactions and personal information.

Q: Are there any additional benefits to shopping on GoStor?

A: Shopping on GoStor also grants you access to exclusive deals, member-only discounts, and comprehensive product warranties and services, enhancing your overall shopping experience.

Q: Where can I find reviews for electronics on GoStor?

A: Product pages on feature comprehensive reviews from verified buyers, alongside ratings, to help you make the right choice based on real user feedback.

Q: What brands are available on GoStor?

A: hosts an array of top brands including Samsung, LG, Sony, Apple, OnePlus, IFB, Bosch, Canon, HP, and many more, ensuring quality and reliability in every purchase.

Q: Is it easy to find assistance if I have problems with my order?

A: Absolutely. GoStor's customer support can be reached via email at or by calling 08068001177 between 10 AM – 7 PM, ready to assist with any queries or issues.

Q: How often are new products added to GoStor?

A: GoStor continuously updates its catalogue with the latest electronics and newest models from top brands, ensuring customers have access to the latest technology as soon as it hits the market.

Q: Can I track my order on GoStor?

A: Yes, after making a purchase, customers can easily track their order status through GoStor's website, staying informed about the delivery timeline.

Q: What kind of product warranties does GoStor offer?

A: Products purchased on GoStor come with standard manufacturer warranties, and additional coverage can be availed through GoCare, GoStor’s extended warranty and product care program.

Q: How does GoStor ensure product quality?

A: GoStor partners with reputable brands and authorized dealers only, ensuring that every product sold is genuine, brand-new, and meets the highest quality standards.

Q: What makes GoStor unique in the crowded e-commerce space?

A: GoStor stands out with its Expert-Assisted Buying, wide range of products, competitive pricing, secure payment options, and comprehensive after-sales support, offering a seamless and customer-centric shopping experience.

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