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Invite friends on Appreciate refer and earn program using Appreciate referral code J9JHXP, and both get ₹200 on their first transaction. Share your link and start earning today!

Q: What is Appreciate?

A: Appreciate is an online trading platform offering global investment opportunities with low costs and AI-powered recommendations.

Q: How can I invest with Appreciate?

A: You can invest in US equities, ETFs, bonds, and more with as little as ₹1, using our user-friendly app.

Q: What is the Appreciate Refer and Earn program?

A: The Appreciate Refer and Earn program allows you to earn rewards by inviting your friends to join Appreciate. Both you and your friend receive ₹200 when they complete their first transaction.

Q: How do I refer a friend to Appreciate?

A: Share your unique referral code or referral link with your friends. Your referral code is J9JHXP.

Q: Where can I find my referral code?

A: Your referral code is available in the "Refer a friend" section of the Rewards & Incentives page in the app. Your referral code is J9JHXP.

Q: What reward do I get for referring a friend?

A: You will receive ₹200 when your friend completes their first transaction on Appreciate.

Q: What reward does my friend get for using my referral code?

A: Your friend will also get ₹200 when they complete their first transaction on Appreciate.

Q: How many friends can I refer?

- There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer. You can refer as many friends as you want.

Q: When will I receive my referral reward?

A: You will receive your referral reward once your friend completes their first transaction on Appreciate.

Q: What transactions are eligible for the referral reward?

A: The referral reward is given when the referred friend completes their first investment transaction on Appreciate.

Q: Can I track the number of friends I have referred?

A: Yes, you can track the number of friends you have referred and the rewards you have earned in the Rewards & Incentives section of the app.

Q: Do I need to have an active investment to refer friends?

A: It is not specified whether you need an active investment to refer friends, but you must be a registered user of Appreciate to use the referral program.

Q: Is there a minimum amount my friend needs to invest to count as a completed transaction?

A: The app does not specify a minimum investment amount for the transaction to be considered complete.

Q: Can I refer friends through social media?

A: Yes, you can share your referral link or code via social media platforms, messaging apps, or email. Use this link: [Join Appreciate](

Q: Are there any additional rewards for sharing on social media?

A: Yes, you can earn ₹25 by connecting your Facebook account on Trade and sharing.

Q: Can I earn rewards through other activities besides referring friends?

A: Yes, you can earn ₹20 per quarter for having three successful SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans).

Q: How do I ensure my friend used my referral code?

A: Make sure your friend enters your referral code **J9JHXP** when they sign up for Appreciate. You can also track your referrals in the Rewards & Incentives section of the app.

Q: What are the benefits of investing with Appreciate?

A: Enjoy higher returns through global investing, currency appreciation benefits, and market diversification.

Q: Does Appreciate charge any subscription fees?

A: No, Appreciate does not charge any subscription fees for using its platform.

Q: How secure is Appreciate's online trading platform?

A: Appreciate ensures security with AI-enabled fraud alerts, 24/7 monitoring, and state-of-the-art encryption.

Q: Can I start a systematic investment plan (SIP) with Appreciate?

A: Yes, you can automate your investments to achieve financial goals through SIPs powered by AI.

Q: What is the minimum investment required on Appreciate?

A: There is no minimum investment amount required to start trading on Appreciate.

Q: Does Appreciate offer fractional investing?

A: Yes, you can invest in fractions of stocks, making it affordable to invest in large companies like Tesla and Google.

Q: How can I withdraw funds from my Appreciate account?

A: Appreciate does not charge any withdrawal fees, providing hassle-free access to your funds.

Q: What additional features does Appreciate offer?

A: Access advanced analytics, charts, and educational resources to enhance your investment knowledge.

Q: Is Appreciate regulated?

A: Yes, Appreciate is a SEBI registered investment advisor and operates with IFSCA registration for international trading.

Q: Can I invest in mutual funds and Indian equities through Appreciate?

A: Mutual funds and Indian equities will soon be available on Appreciate's platform, expanding investment options.

Q: Does Appreciate provide insurance for portfolios?

A: Yes, Appreciate offers portfolio insurance backed by US government securities for added protection.

Q: How can I contact Appreciate for support?

A: For assistance, you can contact Appreciate via our app or website support channels.

Q: Where can I find more information about Appreciate?

A: Visit Appreciate's website for detailed information on products, security features, and investment opportunities.

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