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Join Teji Mandi Refer and Earn program, earn ₹300 per referral. Your friends also receive ₹300 cashback upon their successful subscription.

Q: What is Teji Mandi?

A: Teji Mandi is a stock market investment platform that offers expertly tailored portfolios of top-performing companies, providing a simplified way for everyone to invest in the stock market with the guidance of industry experts.

Q: How does Teji Mandi work?

A: Teji Mandi works through a simple three-step process on the Teji Mandi App: Just subscribe, invest based on the expertly tailored portfolio recommendations, and then track your investments as they grow.

Q: What is Teji Mandi's 'Refer & Earn' program?

A: The 'Refer & Earn' program allows you to refer a friend to the Teji Mandi app, following which you earn ₹300 as a referral reward.

Q: How much is the Teji Mandi subscription fee?


Subscription Plan


Fee per month


Teji Mandi Flagship

6 months

₹ 894



12 months

₹ 1,188


34% savings over 6-month plan

Teji Mandi Multiplier

3 months

₹ 1,497



6 months

₹ 2,394



12 months

₹ 3,588



Reminders sent via email and SMS 7 days before subscription expiry.

Q: How does the 'Refer & Earn' work?

A: Tap on the gift icon '🎁' on the home screen of the Teji Mandi app, share it with your friend. If your friend downloads the app and subscribe using your referral code, both of you will earn ₹300 cashback.

Q: How can I refer a friend?

A: You can refer a friend to Teji Mandi by tapping on the gift icon '🎁' on the app's home screen and sharing the app with your friend.

Q: What rewards do I receive when I refer a friend?

A: When you refer a friend, you'll receive ₹300 cashback after they subscribe.

Q: What benefits does my friend get when they join using my referral code?

A: If your friend uses your referral code while subscribing, they also get ₹300 cashback.

Q: How can I generate my referral code?

A: Tap on the Gift Icon in the Teji Mandi app, select ‘invite’ to generate your referral code.

Q: When will I receive my cashback?

A: Once your friend uses your referral code and completes the payment, both of you will be eligible for ₹300 cashback.

Q: What happens after I earn the cashback?

A: If Teji Mandi has your UPI information, the cashback will be directly issued to your account. If not, you can tap on ‘Withdraw’ on the referral screen to enter your account details and get the payout.

Q: Will my friend need to make a purchase or subscribe for me to receive my reward?

A: Yes, your friend will need to subscribe to the Teji Mandi app for you to receive your cashback.

Q: Can I reuse my referral code?

A: No, referral codes can't be reused for renewals. They can only be used by new members subscribing to the app for the first time.

Q: Is there a limit to how many friends I can refer?

A: The provided data does not specify a limit to the number of friends you can refer to the Teji Mandi app.

Q: How long does the cashback offer last?

A: The duration of the cashback offer is not provided in the given data.

Q: Do both the referrer and referee receive the reward immediately?

A: Both the referrer and the referee receive the cashback once the referral is successful and the friend has subscribed.

Q: Do I get notified when my friend subscribes using my referral code?

A: Yes, Teji Mandi will notify you through email and push notifications when your friend uses your referral code and completes the payment.

Q: Can the cashback be converted to cash?

A: Yes, you can withdraw the cashback to your bank account. If Teji Mandi has your UPI information, the cashback will be directly issued there. Otherwise, you can provide your banking details to receive the cashback.

Please note that the responses depend on the given data and might change based on Teji Mandi's policy updates.

Q: Who is behind Teji Mandi?

A: Teji Mandi is helmed by industry veterans including Mr. Vaibhav Agrawal and Mr. Raamdeo Agrawal, ensuring that the portfolios are managed with extensive market experience and knowledge.

Q: What types of portfolios does Teji Mandi offer?

A: Teji Mandi offers two main portfolios: the Teji Mandi Multiplier, focusing on small & midcap stocks, and the Teji Mandi Flagship, a Multi-Cap portfolio of 15-20 stocks blending tactical bets with long-term winners.

Q: How much do I need to invest in Teji Mandi portfolios?

A: The minimum investment amount varies by portfolio: ₹43,458 for the Multiplier and ₹36,086 for the Flagship portfolio.

Q: What is the subscription fee for Teji Mandi?

A: Subscription fees vary by portfolio and subscription duration, starting from ₹99/mo for the Flagship and ₹299/mo for the Multiplier for 12 months.

Q: Why does Teji Mandi charge a subscription fee?

A: The subscription fee covers the expert management of your portfolio, including rebalance updates and access to high-quality equity stock recommendations. It ensures that the platform serves your interests without relying on commissions from third parties.

Q: Is Teji Mandi a broker?

A: No, Teji Mandi is not a broker. It is a SEBI Registered Research Analyst, providing stock market investment advice without engaging in brokerage services.

Q: How can I start investing with Teji Mandi?

A: Simply download the Teji Mandi App, choose a portfolio that suits your investment goals, and follow the guided steps to start investing.

Q: I do not have a Demat Account. How can I invest with Teji Mandi?

A: If you don't have a Demat account, Teji Mandi can assist you in opening one through one of its partner brokers, ensuring you can start investing seamlessly.

Q: What is the performance record of Teji Mandi portfolios?

A: The Teji Mandi Multiplier portfolio has shown a 2Y CAGR of 51.25%, while the Flagship portfolio has a 3Y CAGR of 44.94%.

Q: Can I trust Teji Mandi with my investments?

A: Yes, Teji Mandi is led by seasoned market professionals and is built on a foundation of trust and expertise, aiming to provide a secure and effective investment platform for its users.

Q: Does Teji Mandi offer any learning resources?

A: Yes, Teji Mandi provides a wealth of resources including feature articles, guides on overcoming emotional investing, and detailed analyses of investment strategies through its Resource Centre.

Q: How are complaints handled by Teji Mandi?

A: Teji Mandi follows SEBI guidelines for investor complaints, ensuring they are resolved effectively within an average resolution time of 30 days.

Q: What testimonials do investors have about Teji Mandi?

A: Investors praise Teji Mandi for its interactive, reliable services, user-friendly app, and effective strategies, noting satisfaction with the investment outcomes and the support provided by the Teji Mandi team.

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