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Invite friends to Samco Refer and Earn & earn up to ₹4,000 in gift vouchers per referral plus enjoy 10% lifetime brokerage sharing.

Q: What is Samco and who is the founder?

A: Samco Securities is a leading online discount broker in India offering services for equity, derivatives, currency and commodity trading. It was founded by Jimeet Modi, who currently serves as the CEO.

Q: What is the history of Samco Securities?

A: Samco was previously known as Samruddhi Stock Brokers Limited and was re-branded to Samco Securities after its acquisition by Jimeet Modi.

Q: What is the Samco Refer and Earn program?

A: The Samco Refer and Earn program allows you to refer your friends to Samco. For every successful referral, you earn gift vouchers worth up to ₹4,000 and 10% lifetime brokerage sharing.

Q: What are the benefits for me when I refer someone to Samco?

A: When you refer someone to Samco, you can earn a gift voucher worth up to ₹4,000 for every successful referral as well as receive 10% brokerage sharing from your friends' trades for life.

Q: What are the benefits for the person I refer to Samco?

A: The person you refer will receive free account opening and free Demat AMC for the 1st year.

Q: How do I refer a friend to Samco?

A: You can refer a friend to Samco by sharing your referral link with your friend via social apps. When your friend signs up using your referral link and starts investing, you'll receive your referral bonus.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of referrals I can make?

A: , the referral bonus worth up to ₹4,000 will be capped at 20 referral accounts this month.

Q: When will I receive the referral bonus of gift vouchers?

A: Upon meeting the eligibility conditions, the gift vouchers will be disbursed within 7 days. Please note that the gift vouchers will expire within 7 days from the date of issuance.

Q: How can I claim the gift vouchers?

A: To claim the gift vouchers, visit the referral dashboard on the Samco App/Web, click on the "Claim Now" button, select the preferred gift voucher from the web page, fill in your personal details to receive the gift voucher code, and enter the unique voucher code on the respective brand apps to enjoy the benefits.

Q: What is brokerage sharing?

A: Brokerage sharing means you'll receive a 10% share of the brokerage spent by your referred friend for life. For instance, if your referred friend spends ₹10,000 in brokerage, you'll receive ₹1,000.

Q: How will I receive the brokerage share?

A: The 10% brokerage sharing will be credited daily to your referral wallet, as and when your referred friend spends brokerage at Samco.

Q: When can I withdraw the brokerage share?

A: Your accumulated brokerage sharing for the current month can be withdrawn in the next month, when the withdrawal balance crosses ₹2,000. Once you place a withdrawal request, the amount will be credited to your primary bank account by the 10th of the following month.

Q: Can I refer more than one friend?

A: Yes, you can refer as many friends as you like, but the referral bonus is capped at 20 referral accounts per month.

Q: How long is this referral offer valid for?

A: This referral offer is valid until 30th April 2024.

Q: How successful has the Samco referral program been?

A: As of January 2023, Samco customers have earned over ₹40 Lakhs in bonuses through the referral program.

Q: Is there any cost for my friend to open a Demat account with Samco?

A: No, there is zero cost for opening a Demat account for the friend you refer to Samco.

Q: What is the benefit for me if I refer a friend who starts investing heavily?

A: The more your referred friend invests, the higher your earnings. This is due to the 10% lifetime brokerage sharing benefit. If your referred friend spends a larger amount in brokerage, your percentage share would also increase.

Q: What is the mission of Samco?

A: The mission of Samco is to equip every stock market participant with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to consistently ace the index and achieve their best financial performance.

Q: How does Samco assist traders in achieving better financial performance?

A: Samco displays Unseen Insights (Andekha Sach) of each trader on the Samco Trading App. This information, based on their past trades, aids traders in making more informed decisions and ultimately trading better.

Q: What is AndekhaSach?

A: AndekhaSach is an initiative by SAMCO where they reveal unseen insights from traders' past performances. The Samco's unique engine analyses part trades and reveals these hidden insights to help traders make better decisions.

Q: How does Samco help me understand my trading profits?

A: Samco offers insights on your trade profits in comparison to your benchmark index profits, known as Jano Apne Profits ka #AndekhaSach.

Q: How does Samco help me understand market sentiment?

A: As part of the Jano Market ka #AndekhaSach, Samco provides traders with real-time market sentiment insights compared to their trades.

Q: What is the 'Introductory Offer on My Trade Story' by Samco?

A: Samco offers features worth ₹12000 per year for free. This is an introductory offer and is available only for a limited period of time.

Q: How does the Samco Trading App help traders?

A: The app utilizes a unique engine to analyze past trades and reveal unseen insights. This helps traders understand their past trade performance and make better decisions in the future.

Q: How is the Samco Trading App useful for understanding profits?

A: The app provides insights on trade profits compared to benchmark index profits, aiding traders in evaluating their financial growth better.

Q: How is the Samco Trading App helpful for understanding the market sentiment?

A: The app provides traders with real-time market sentiment insights, helping traders make informed choices based on the prevailing market mood.

Q: How can I avail Samco's introductory offer?

A: Visit the Samco website or app and sign up to avail the introductory offer. Please note that the offer is available for a limited period of time.

Q: What insights will I get from the Samco Trading App?

A: The app provides a thorough analysis of your past trades, revealing unseen insights about your trading profits, market sentiment, and personal trading performance.

Q: What is the significance of the 'Unseen Insights' provided by Samco?

A: The 'Unseen Insights' (Andekha Sach) offer valuable information about a trader's personal experience, market trends, and performance, enabling them to make better-informed trading decisions.

Q: How does Samco aim to improve a trader's performance?

A: Samco's mission is to help traders achieve their best financial performance by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, knowledge, and insights from their past trading experiences.

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