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Join Crunchfinn's Refer & Earn program. Get a fantastic ₹2,500 for each successful Crunchfinn's referral. Rewards increase to ₹3,000 after your 5th referral.

Q: What is Crunchfinn?

Crunchfinn offers hassle-free abroad education loans for international students, partnering with leading financial institutions in India to cover all universities worldwide.

Q: Why choose Crunchfinn for your education loan?

We provide world coverage, a precise loan eligibility tool, personalized guidance, the lowest interest rates, and lifetime post-sanction services.

Q: What is Crunchfinn's Refer and Earn program?

The Crunchfinn Refer and Earn program is a referral system where you can earn rewards by referring friends to secure an education loan through Crunchfinn.

Q: How do I earn through this program?

You earn a reward of ₹2,500 for each successful referral. After your 5th referral, the reward amount increases to ₹3,000 for every subsequent successful referral.

Here's the information formatted into a Markdown table:

Referral Number

Reward Amount

1st Referral


2nd Referral


5th Referral


6th Referral


8th Referral


9th Referral


Remember that you earn ₹2,500 for each referral until your 5th referral. After that, the reward for each referral increases to ₹3,000 starting from the 6th referral.

Q: What does a 'successful referral' mean?

A successful referral means your friend must use your referral link to apply and secure an education loan from Crunchfinn. The loan amount must be successfully disbursed into your friend's bank account.

Q: How do I refer a friend?

You can refer a friend by sharing your unique referral link with them.

Q: How will I know if my referral has been successful?

You will be notified when your friends apply and successfully secure an education loan.

Q: How soon will I receive my referral rewards?

The referral amount will be transferred to your bank account once your friend's loan is successfully disbursed.

Q: In what format will I receive the referral rewards?

The referral rewards will be deposited into the bank account associated with your Crunchfinn account.

Q: Is there any limit to the referral rewards?

As per government regulations, any referral reward exceeding INR 15,000 in a financial year will be subject to a 5% TDS deduction.

Q: Do I need to provide any documents to receive the referral rewards?

Yes, you may be required to provide your bank account details and PAN card copy for verification purposes.

Q: What happens to the referral rewards if my friend was already registered with Crunchfinn before my referral?

You are eligible to receive referral rewards only if your friend is not already registered with Crunchfinn before your referral.

Q: How do I check my referral status?

You can check your referral status by visiting the website.

Q: Are there any privacy concerns with this program?

Your privacy is important to Crunchfinn. You can read our Privacy Policy on our website to know more about how we collect and use your personal information for this referral program.

Q: Can Crunchfinn end the Refer and Earn programme?

Yes, Crunchfinn reserves the right to change or terminate the Referral Program at any time without prior notice.

Q: Where do I seek help if I have questions about the referral program?

If you have any questions about the Referral Program, you can contact.

Q: Can the terms of the referral program change?

Yes, the terms and conditions of Crunchfinn's Refer and Earn program are subject to change. You are recommended to check the respective page periodically for any updates.

Q: Who is eligible for an education loan through Crunchfinn?

Students planning to study abroad who meet the lending criteria of partnered financial institutions are eligible.

Q: What documents are required to apply for an education loan?

Typically, academic records, admission letters, and financial documents are required, but it varies by lender.

Q: What are the minimum requirements for an unsecured loan?

Unsecured loans up to ₹75 lakh are available, subject to certain criteria like credit history and income.

Q: Can I use the loan for any program?

Yes, loans can be used for a wide range of academic programs worldwide, as long as they are recognized by the lending institutions.

Q: What expenses are covered by education loans from Crunchfinn?

Tuition fees, living expenses, travel, and sometimes insurance are covered, depending on the loan agreement.

Q: How does Crunchfinn compare lenders?

We consider interest rates, loan terms, processing times, and eligibility requirements to find the best option for you.

Q: Can I apply for a loan with a conditional offer letter?

Yes, you can start the process with a conditional offer letter, but a confirmed admission might be required for loan disbursement.

Q: What is the average time for loan sanction?

On average, loans are sanctioned within 7 days after all documents are submitted and approved.

Q: How does Crunchfinn ensure I get the lowest interest rates?

We negotiate with multiple lenders leveraging our extensive network to secure the most competitive rates for you.

Q: What post-sanction services does Crunchfinn offer?

We assist with disbursement, pre-visa sanction, GIC for Canada, and Blocked Account setup for Germany, amongst others.

Q: What tools does Crunchfinn offer for loan applicants?

Applicants can use our EMI Calculator and Loan Eligibility tools for a better understanding of their loan options.

Q: How many students have registered with Crunchfinn?

Over 550 students have registered with us for their financial needs for studying abroad.

Q: How much has Crunchfinn disbursed in loans?

We have successfully disbursed over ₹80 Crore in education loans to students pursuing their dreams abroad.

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