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Join Tradgo refer and earn App with Tradgo Referral Code TRADGO3605360. Recharge any SIM and get up to 4% cashback. Plus, earn money with our Refer and Earn program.

Q: What is Tradgo?

A: Tradgo is a multi-purpose app for recharges, bill payments, and local service bookings.

Q: How many users does Tradgo have?

A: Tradgo is trusted by more than 3 million users.

Q: What is Tradgo's referral program?

A: Tradgo offers a "Refer and Earn" program where users can earn money by referring others to the app.

Q: How can I join Tradgo using a referral?

A: You can join Tradgo by using a referral link or entering a referral code during sign-up.

Q: What is the referral code for Tradgo?

A: The referral code provided is TRADGO3605360.

Q: Do I need to use the referral code to get benefits?

A: While not explicitly stated, using the referral code may provide you with certain benefits.

Q: What cashback can I get on recharges?

A: You can get up to 4% cashback on recharges for SIMs of any company.

Q: Is the cashback offer limited to specific mobile operators?

A: No, the cashback offer applies to SIM recharges of any company.

Q: How do I earn money through the referral program?

A: You can earn money by referring others to join Tradgo using your referral code or link.

Q: Is there a limit to how much I can earn through referrals?

A: The information provided doesn't specify a limit on referral earnings.

Q: Do both the referrer and the referred user get benefits?

A: The details of benefits for the referred user are not specified in the given information.

Q: How is the referral bonus paid out?

A: The method of payout for referral bonuses is not mentioned in the provided data.

Q: Can I use the referral code after I've already signed up?

A: The information doesn't specify if existing users can apply a referral code retroactively.

Q: Is the 4% cashback offer permanent or a limited-time promotion?

A: The duration of the cashback offer is not specified in the given information.

Q: Can I combine the referral bonus with the recharge cashback?

A: The information doesn't explicitly state if these offers can be combined.

Q: Do I need to make a recharge to activate my referral code?

A: The data provided doesn't mention any requirements to activate the referral code.

Q: How can I find my own referral code to share with others?

A: The process of obtaining your personal referral code is not described in the given information.

Q: What are the main features of Tradgo?

A: It offers recharges, bill payments, cashback, and nearby service bookings.

Q: Which mobile operators can I recharge through Tradgo?

A: You can recharge for JIO, Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL Top-Up, and BSNL Validity.

Q: What DTH operators does Tradgo support?


Q: Can I pay utility bills through Tradgo?

A: Yes, you can pay bills for electricity, gas, insurance, landline, FasTAG, and Google Play Vouchers.

Q: Does Tradgo offer cashback?

A: Yes, Tradgo offers instant cashback for every transaction.

Q: What local services can I find through Tradgo?

A: You can find nearby electricians, plumbers, carpenters, internet service providers, lawyers, tax professionals, chartered accountants, architects, and interior designers.

Q: Can I book travel services through Tradgo?

A: Yes, you can find cabs, hire taxis, and book bus tickets through the app.

Q: Does Tradgo help with property-related services?

A: Yes, you can buy or sell property, and find nearby PGs, hostels, and hotels.

Q: Can I find beauty services on Tradgo?

A: Yes, you can locate nearby salons and parlours.

Q: Is Tradgo user-friendly?

A: According to the description, the user interface is easy to understand and use.

Q: Can I get a list of all nearby service providers?

A: Yes, Tradgo provides a list of all nearby service providers.

Q: Is Tradgo available for both Android and iOS?

A: The information provided only mentions Android compatibility. Availability for iOS is not specified.

Q: Can I use Tradgo for postpaid bill payments?

A: Yes, Tradgo allows you to pay postpaid bills in addition to prepaid recharges.

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