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Tummoc Promo Code (RKEK10) - Get 10 Rs Instant Discount

In the busy world of city life, getting around can be a real headache. Between navigating confusing public transit systems, booking rides, and buying tickets, your daily commute can quickly turn into a stressful mess.

But don't worry, there's a game-changing app called Tummoc that is making city travel a breeze. And with the Tummoc promo code, you can save money while enjoying seamless transportation.

Tummoc Promo Code (RKEK10)
Tummoc Promo Code (RKEK10)

What is Tummoc?

Tummoc is an amazing app that brings all your city travel needs together in one convenient place. Whether you need real-time updates on buses and metros, digital ticketing, or an easy way to book rides, Tummoc has you covered. It's like having a personal travel assistant in your pocket!

Tummoc's Awesome Features

Tummoc is packed with features to make your city commute a piece of cake. Here's a look at what it offers:

  1. Daily City Travel Planner: No more juggling multiple apps or schedules. Tummoc shows you real-time info for all public transport, so planning your day is a breeze.

  2. Accurate Bus and Metro Times/Routes: Never miss your ride again! Tummoc gives you up-to-the-minute bus and metro schedules, so you can plan your trip with confidence.

  3. BMTC Bus Passes: In Bengaluru, you can buy daily, weekly, or monthly BMTC bus passes right in the app – no more waiting in long queues!

  4. Live DTC Bus Tracking: For Delhi commuters, Tummoc lets you track DTC buses live, so you know exactly when your ride is coming.

  5. Online DTC Ticket and Pass Booking: Skip the ticket lines and book your DTC tickets and passes online, including the popular DTC Pink Tickets.

  6. Pre-book DTC Bus Tickets: With Tummoc, you can book your DTC bus tickets in advance from anywhere, saving you time and hassle.

  7. Delhi Metro Tickets: Get accurate metro schedules, routes, and fares, and even book your Delhi Metro tickets through the app.

  8. All-in-One Tickets: Tummoc's awesome All-in-One Tickets let you combine multiple modes of transport into a single convenient pass.

  9. Book Rides Online: Need a cab, auto, or bike? Tummoc partners with top ride services so you can book private rides easily.

  10. Outstation Bus Tickets: Tummoc isn't just for city trips – you can also book bus tickets for travel between cities across India.

  11. BMTC Bus Ticket Booking (Coming Soon!): Exciting news – Tummoc will soon let you book BMTC bus tickets online in Bengaluru too!

The Tummoc Promo Code

To make your travel even more affordable, Tummoc offers an exclusive promo code that gets you instant discounts. Just enter the code "RKEK10" when you check out, and you'll save Rs. 10 on your booking or purchase!

You can use this promo code for all kinds of things on Tummoc, like BMTC bus passes, DTC tickets and passes, Delhi Metro tickets, and even outstation bus tickets. With the Tummoc promo code, you get the convenience of easy city travel while keeping some cash in your pocket.

Tummoc's Awesome Achievements

Tummoc's smart approach to urban mobility is really making waves. The app has already reached some amazing milestones:

  • Over 3 million happy commuters use Tummoc across India – that's a lot of satisfied customers!

  • 10,000+ trees have been planted thanks to Tummoc's eco-friendly efforts.

  • A massive 3 million+ BMTC passes have been booked through the app in Bengaluru alone.

  • Tummoc won big at Elevate 2018, recognized by the Government of Karnataka for its innovative solutions.

  • It was also a winner at STAMP 2018 & 2022, awarded by the respected World Resources Institute (WRI) India for sustainable transportation.

  • Tummoc was a finalist at the prestigious National Startup Award in 2020.

  • The app made it to the Top 400 Startups in India list by EO Cares.

With achievements like these, it's no wonder Tummoc is leading the way in making city travel easier and greener.

Try Tummoc Today!

Whether you're a regular commuter or an occasional city traveler, Tummoc is here to simplify your journey. By combining all your transportation needs into one handy app and offering exclusive discounts with the promo code, Tummoc is revolutionizing how we get around cities.

So what are you waiting for? Download the Tummoc app right now, enter the promo code "RKEK10" to unlock instant savings, and say goodbye to stressful city commutes for good! With Tummoc, hassle-free travel is just a tap away.


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