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Zingbus Vs Abhibus: Comparison of Price, Routes & Feature

Online bus booking in India has become increasingly popular and convenient, with several platforms offering this service. Travel has been made easier with the launch of public transport services like Zingbus and Abhibus. Zingbus and Abhibus are online bus ticket booking platforms that allows users to search for bus routes, compare prices, and make reservations across various cities in India. They offer a variety of options in terms of bus types, amenities, and routes.

But which of the two is better? Here is a concise comparison between Zingbus Vs Abhibus so you can decide for yourself and have the best travel experience!

Comparison of Zingbus Vs Abhibus
Comparison of Zingbus Vs Abhibus

Table of Content:

About Zingbus and Abhibus:


Zingbus was founded in 2019 and has grown rapidly since then. Zingbus is an emerging brand in the intercity bus travel industry that aims to provide an affordable and dignified travel experience. It is an Indian startup that aspires to provide safe, reliable, and affordable travel to its users across India. Zingbus is focused on raising the bar of intercity travel experience in India. They are based in Haryana, India. Zingbus specializes in the bus operating industry and aims to make safe and reliable travel accessible for everyone. They aggregate fleets of buses to provide end-to-end intercity travel services to customers.


Abhibus is an online ticket booking platform that offers easy booking services for various bus services in India. It was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Hyderabad, India. The company provides a platform that allows bus travelers to book tickets conveniently from their homes and offices. The company has also received funding, with its latest funding round being a Series A round in November 2015, raising $9.12 million. Abhibus has been acquired or merged with another company, although the specific details of the acquisition/merger are not mentioned.

Route Network: 

Both provide routes all over India and cover a wide network of bus operators, making it convenient for users to find and book bus tickets for their preferred destinations. This is a brief example of the total route coverage provided by them.



  • Claims to have a vast network covering over 500 cities in more than 18 states.


  • Has most routes in Northern parts of India such as Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Chandigarh, Jammu And Kashmir & Punjab. Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Goa & Kerala in the South.Gujarat, Maharashtra & Daman And Diu in the West.Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh in Central India and only Bihar in East.


  • Some popular bus routes (among many others): Delhi to Manali Bus, Jaipur to Ahmedabad Bus, Rishikesh to Delhi Bus, Ahmedabad to Pune Bus

  • Claims to have over 1,00,000 bus routes all over India


  • Provides the same routes as Zingbus in the North but gives more access to South, West & Central India. Also has routes in Eastern states like Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, West Bengal etc.


  • Some popular bus routes (among many others): Hyderabad to Bangalore Bus, Vijayawada to Chennai Bus, Indore to Mumbai Bus, Delhi to Shimla Bus, Mumbai to Goa Bus


Booking Process: 

Both Zingbus and Abhibus have a user interface that is easy to navigate through on website and app. Booking process itself consists only of mainly 4 steps.

Steps are similar for both services:

Step 1 – Pick your boarding point, destination, date and time.

Step 2 – Enter your name, phone number, email and other such details.

Step 3 – Choose the bus and seats as per your liking.

Step 4 – Apply codes/discounts and make payment.

The confirmation email or message you will receive will be your ticket.

Some useful tips:

  • Booking tab and instructions both provided on the websites.

  • Pre-planned routes provided for ease of choosing.

  • Basic customer details like name, email, phone number are required to book a ticket.

  • Payment accepted through UPI, Credit or Debit cards, Net Banking and even online wallets such as Amazon Pay Balance, Paytm etc.

Ticket Prices: 

For the ease of understanding, here is a comparison of ticket prices from New Delhi, Delhi to Manali, Himachal Pradesh, with Boarding Point as Majnu Ka Tila. Prices may vary and coupons/discounts have been provided on both platforms.



  • Volvo A/C Semi Sleeper – Rs. 1047 for 1 seat.


Additional fares:

GST +Rs. 46

Travel Protection +Rs. 10

Climes +Rs. 3

Coupon discount -Rs. 125


Total: Rs. 981


  • Charges for Travel Protection (for insurance of ride) and Climes (for environmental protection) can be manually removed by the customer.


  • Coupon for first time users is available as well as 10% in Zingcash (a form of in-app currency) is returned to the customer.


  • Shows the list of bus stops on the way.


  • Offer ‘ValueBus’ where prices are halved.

  • Lot of bus options to choose from, including Zingbus.


  • VOLVO AC Multi Axle Semi Sleeper (Abhi Travels) – Rs. 999 for 1 seat.


Additional fares:

Bus Partner GST +Rs. 49.95

Service Charge +Rs. 17.98

Free Cancellation Charge +Rs. 69.00

Bus Partner Discount -Rs. 50.00

Travel Insurance +Rs. 10

AbhiCash (refund) -Rs. 25


Total: Rs. 1070.93


  • Free Cancellation Charge and Travel Insurance can be manually removed by the customer.


  • AbhiCash (a form of in-app currency) is available.


  • Some other discounts that are available are:

    1. New User Offer

    2. All Users Offer (offers cash back to random users)

    3. Cashback Offer (offers cashback in form of AbhiCash)

    4. Payment Partner Offer (offers cash back on payment partner platforms like Phone Pe, Google Pay etc.


Bus Operators and Types of Buses: 

Both services have good and reputed operators taking care of the passengers. Quality of both bus services are good as they both provide air conditioned and clean environment for travellers.




  • Types of buses:

  1. Garuda (volvo / corona / isuzu a.c. semi sleeper)

2. Garuda plus (volvo / benz a.c multi axle)

3. Amaravathi (volvo / scania a.c multi axle)

4. Super luxury (non-ac, 2 + 2 push back)

5. Ultra deluxe (non-ac, 2+2 push back)

  • Basic amenities provided: Air Freshener, Charging point, Medical Kit, Water Bottle.


  • Zingbus Prime (paid version) users seem to receive more benefits.

  • 16 total operators: same 15 as Zingbus & PUNBUS

  • Types of buses:

1.    AC Buses

2.    Non-AC Buses

3.    Ordinary Buses

4.    Mini Buses

5.    Super Luxury (Non-AC Seater)

6.    Volvo AC Buses

7.    Sleeper AC Buses

8.    Sleeper Buses

9.    Deluxe Buses

10.  Sleeper Cum Seater AC

11.  Double Decker Buses

12.  Mercedes buses

13.  Non-Mercedes buses

14.  Electric Buses

15.  Express Buses


  • Basic amenities provided: Charging Point, Blanket, Water Bottle, Reading Light, TV.

  • Abhibus Assured (paid version) users seem to receive more benefits.

Customer Reviews:

Customers have shared about their experience with these bus services. Some expressed gratitude while others expressed discontent. From the beginning to the end of their journey, whether they faced problems or felt comfort, they shared feedback regardless. Here is a summarized version of their experiences from reviews gathered online.



  • Reviews are neutral.

  • Some praised it for being easy to use, tickets being affordable, buses being clean etc.

  • Others were upset at the technical difficulties and unreliability of this service. Tickets being cancelled all of a sudden, destinations being changed and fluctuations of prices were some common complaints.

  • The response was neutral to negative.

  • Customers praised it for being user friendly and extended their gratitude to the caring staff.

  • The negative feedback is based on technical failures, lack of refunds, delay in arrival, tickets being cancelled without prior notice among many other issues.

Cancellation and Refund Policies: 

Cancellation policies seem to differ for paid users and free (non-paid) users. Rules are also different depending on the day of the cancellation. On any other day full refund is given but if ticket is cancelled on the day of the travel only half is returned.



  • Cancellation is free before the day of the trip. Full amount is refunded within 5-7 days.


  • Cancellation on the day the ticket is booked will result in only 50% of the total amount being refunded.


  • Cancellation does differ for Zingbus Prime and free users. Prime users get more benefits such as 3 free cancellations, while free users only 1 in a month.

  • Cancellation policy may differ depending on the bus partner. However, details are provided in the ticket confirmation email.


  • After cancellation, money is refunded to the original payment mode or in form of AbhiCash.


  • Abhibus Assured (paid version) has more benefits:

-> 150% Refund if bus cancelled

-> Up to 100% Refund for bad quality service

-> Up to 100% Refund if bus delayed

-> 100% Refund for booking cancellation

Customer Support: 

Both services have listed their email, phone number and social media accounts like Facebook, X (previously called Twitter), Instagram etc., on their websites and apps to provide help and information to customers.



  • Contact information is provided on both website and app. Email, phone number, social media links, and even WhatsApp is provided.


  • Replying and addressing issues on the social media and on Google Play within 1 day.

  • Claims to have 24/7 customer support.


  • Replies to customer complaints diligently on Google Play but not on social media platforms.

Mobile App Features: 

Both apps have a user-friendly design. There is not much difference in terms of functionality. However, users might find the apps more favourable, especially those who do not use a laptop or computer and those who travel often.



  • Has 4.4/5 stars on google play

  • Using the app, sends a welcome message through their Whatsapp business account along with some coupons and codes for discount.

  • Has 4.6/5 stars on google play

  • Referral rewards available.

  • Sends notification when the bus starts and is about to reach the boarding point.

Safety Measures: 

Initiatives have been taken by each platform and their partnered bus operators to provide travellers with an environment that is safe for health as well as precautions have been taken especially for the general safety of women.



  • Reversed seats for women and men.


  • Emergency exits provided in case of fire or accident.


  • Deep cleaning of buses and disposable seat covers for cleanliness.


  • Live Tracking option is available for traveller’s safety.


  • Uses technology that reduces carbon footprint and helps to keep the environment safe.


  • Offer electric buses to save fuel.


  • Vaccinated crew as prevention measures for COVID-19.

  • Not much is mentioned about the cleanliness or environmental consciousness as it depends on the bus partners. Each bus partner might have different safety measures but Abhibus guarantees safety.


  • Bus tracking option is available.


  • CCTV, Emergency Exit, Hammer, Fire Extinguisher, GPS Tracking, First Aid Box all available in case of emergency.

Unique Offerings: 

In order to stand out from the other bus services, Zingbus and Abhibus offer unique features that give them more value and attract customers.



  • Lounge is available at certain bus stops to offer customers some relaxation before continuing their journey.

  • Offers discount on website for non-mobile users.

  • Makes donations to charities.

  • Provide Premium Lounge where travellers can wait for the bus the arrive.

  • One of the largest bus booking facilities in Delhi. Offers a wide range of routes all over India.

  • A huge variety of bus options to choose from.

  • Both Public and Private bus tickets are available for purchase.

  • Offers last hour booking where customers can book tickets one hour before bus arrives.

  • Has option to choose trains and hotels.



Ultimately it depends on the customer and their own preferences. Their comfort and safety is the more important than anything else. Which bus service they pick will also depend on their needs. If they wish for affordable prices then they might choose Zingbus. But if they want to travel far and wide they might prefer Abhibus as it provides more range in routes. Given the size and complexity of India's bus transportation system, it's advisable to consider both before heading forward with travel plans.


FAQs on Zingbus Vs Abhibus

Q. What is the coverage area of Zingbus and Abhibus?

A: Zingbus operates in select cities in India, while Abhibus covers a wider network of cities and bus operators across India.

Q. What are the key features of Zingbus and Abhibus?

A: Zingbus focuses on providing a seamless and comfortable travel experience with features like live tracking, clean restrooms, sanitized buses, and affordable ticket prices. Abhibus offers convenient bus ticket booking services, a wide range of bus operators and routes, and features like easy cancellation and rescheduling options.

Q. How can I book a ticket on Zingbus and Abhibus?

A: Both Zingbus and Abhibus provide online booking options through their respective websites or mobile apps.

Q. Do Zingbus and Abhibus offer refund and cancellation policies?

A: Yes, both platforms have refund and cancellation policies, although the specific terms and conditions may vary. It's recommended to review their policies before making a booking.

Q. Are there any loyalty programs or discounts offered by Zingbus and Abhibus?

A: Zingbus and Abhibus may offer loyalty programs, discounts, and promotional offers from time to time. It's advisable to check their websites or subscribe to their newsletters for updates on offers and discounts.


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