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Participate in the Vahak Refer and Earn program by utilizing the Vahak referral code REFERK179. Earn cashback coins that can be utilized for payments or purchases within the app.

Q: What is Vahak, and how does it work?

A: Vahak is an online transport marketplace and networking community for truck owners, transporters, and consignors in India. It provides a platform to post enquiries, attach lorries, book trucks online, and bid on truck loads. Users can create business profiles, receive personalized daily updates, and connect with a vast network of transport businesses.

Q: How can Vahak benefit me if I'm a truck owner?

A: Vahak allows truck owners to search for loads for their lorries from a wide network of transporters, brokers, and consignors. It facilitates quick online truck bookings, saving up to 90% of the time spent on traditional methods. Users can connect with over 1.5 million transport businesses, build personal networks, and enhance their online presence for branding and growth.

Q: What is Vahak Refer and Earn?

A: Vahak Refer and Earn is a rewards program that allows users to earn cashback coins by referring new users to the Vahak platform. Users receive benefits when their referred contacts join and make transactions using Vahak.

Q: How can I participate in the Vahak Refer and Earn program?

A: Participating is easy. Share your unique referral code with friends and contacts. When they join Vahak using your code and verify their GST, both you and the new user earn cashback coins.

Q: What is referral code for Vahak?

A: Vahak referral code is REFERK179.

Q: What are Cashback Coins, and how can I use them?

A: Cashback Coins are virtual credits earned through the Refer and Earn program. You can use up to 50% of your Cashback Coins in your subsequent payments or purchases within the Vahak app for Cashback and Value-Added Services (VAS).

Q: Can I convert Cashback Coins into Rupees?

A: No, Cashback Coins cannot be converted into Rupees. They are designed to be used exclusively for Cashback and VAS services within the Vahak app.

Q: How do I earn Cashback Coins through the Refer and Earn program?

A: To earn Cashback Coins, follow these steps: Make a transaction using Vahak Payments, upload a valid E-way bill from your trip, and earn cashback once your E-way bill is verified.

Q: Is there a validity period for earning Cashback Coins through Refer and Earn?

A: Yes, the validity period for earning Cashback Coins is within the transaction validity period specified in the Vahak-Cashback T&C, which is between April 11, 2022, and March 31, 2023.

Q: Can I share my referral code with anyone, or are there specific criteria for referrals?

A: You can share your referral code with anyone. Both you and the new user earn cashback coins when they join Vahak using your code and complete the verification process.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of referrals I can make?

A: There is no specific limit mentioned for the number of referrals. You can continue earning cashback coins as long as new users join Vahak using your code and verify their GST.

Q: How is the Cashback credited to my account?

A: Cashback earned will be credited to your Vahak account as Cashback Coins. You can then utilize up to 50% of these coins in your subsequent payments or purchases within the Vahak app.

Q: What if I have concerns or disputes related to the Refer and Earn program?

A: For any concerns or disputes related to the Refer and Earn program, please write an email to with the subject line ‘Online Payment Cashback incentive.’ Include details such as load information, your communication details, and particulars of the dispute in the email.

Q: Can the Refer and Earn program be modified or withdrawn by Vahak?

A: Yes, the Company reserves the exclusive right to amend, modify, or withdraw the Refer and Earn program at any time without providing any reason or prior intimation.

Q: Are there specific conditions for transactions to be considered Eligible Transactions under Refer and Earn?

A: Yes, to be eligible, the transaction should be made within the Validity Period, the payment should be E-way bill verified, and both the Load Provider and Lorry Provider should have their KYC and GST/PAN/RC verified at the time of the transaction.

Q: Is Vahak a free service, and is it secure?

A: Yes, Vahak is 100% free, safe, and secure. Users can utilize its services without any charges. The platform aims to eliminate communication gaps in the road transport industry and ensures a secure environment for users to conduct their business.

Q: How can I book lorries online using Vahak?

A: You can use the 'Lorry Market' feature on Vahak to browse available containers, trucks, and trailers. Bid on relevant lorries for quick online truck bookings, or post your load in the 'My Loads' tab to receive instant bids from interested parties.

Q: Can I find full truck loads online using Vahak?

A: Absolutely. The 'Load Market' feature allows users to browse available loads according to their lorry type. You can quote your price in secrecy and deal directly with top logistic companies. Alternatively, you can attach your lorry in the 'My Lorries' tab and receive instant bids.

Q: How can I promote my transport business online using Vahak?

A: Create a profile on Vahak and choose a service category (Transport Company, Agent/Broker, Fleet Owner). Complete and verify your profile to attract more business. You can also complete deals on Vahak and receive ratings from your peers, building credibility and visibility for your business.

Q: How can I connect with other transporters and truck operators on Vahak?

A: Vahak allows users to connect with 1.5 lakh transporters and truck operators from all over India. You can share your business card directly on WhatsApp via the Vahak app, check user ratings and reviews, and receive recommendations from fellow transporters and consignors.

Q: How can I get started with Vahak?

A: To get started with Vahak:

  • Create your business profile.

  • Post your load or lorry to receive instant bids.

  • Approve or negotiate bids to complete deals.

  • Bid on relevant live lorries or loads from the 'Market' tab.

  • Use the online transport directory to connect with PAN India transporters and lorry owners.

Q: Who can use Vahak?

A: Vahak is designed for a wide range of users, including transporters, freight booking and commission agents, transportation service providers, logistic companies, truck and fleet owners, truck brokers/agents, consignors, factory owners, dispatch departments, traders, trading agents, and small to medium business owners.

Q: Who is the provider of Vahak?

A: Vahak is offered by Epictus Solutions INDIA Pvt. Ltd. The company aims to create the biggest and most trusted Indian Trucking Community.

Q: How does Vahak contribute to reducing the communication gap in the road transport industry?

A: Vahak eliminates the communication gap by providing a live transport marketplace app, saving over 90% of time compared to traditional methods. It replaces outdated practices like telephone calls with a streamlined online platform for broadcasting and collecting bids from the market.

Q: Can I use Vahak if I have a small or medium-sized transport business?

A: Yes, Vahak is suitable for small and medium business owners in the transportation industry. It provides an opportunity to connect with a vast network of transporters and consignors, helping you grow your business and establish a strong online presence.

Q: How does the rating system work on Vahak?

A: Users can complete deals on Vahak and receive ratings from their peers. The rating system provides a transparent way to assess the reliability and credibility of transporters, brokers, and consignors, helping users make informed decisions when establishing connections or conducting business.

Q: Is Vahak available only for users in specific cities, or is it accessible nationwide?

A: Vahak is a PAN India platform, meaning it is accessible nationwide. Users can connect with transporters and lorry owners from across the country through the online transport directory and take advantage of the available loads and lorries in various cities.

Q: Are negotiations and approvals done directly on the Vahak platform?

A: Yes, Vahak facilitates the negotiation and approval process directly on the platform. Users can post their loads or lorries, receive bids, and engage in negotiations within the app. This streamlines the entire process and makes it more efficient for users to complete deals.

Q: How can I use Vahak to quote prices for full truck loads in secrecy?

A: In the 'Load Market' feature, users can quote their prices in secrecy while browsing available loads according to their lorry type. This allows for discreet communication and direct dealings with top logistic companies, enhancing privacy in the negotiation process.

Q: Can I use Vahak to book specific types of lorries, containers, or trailers?

A: Yes, Vahak's 'Lorry Market' feature allows users to browse available containers, trucks, and trailers. Whether you need a specific type of lorry for your load or want to offer your available lorries for bookings, the platform caters to various requirements within the transport industry.

Q: Does Vahak provide any additional features to enhance the branding of my transport business?

A: Yes, Vahak enables users to create a profile and choose a service category (Transport Company, Agent/Broker, Fleet Owner) to promote their transport business online. Completing and verifying your profile adds credibility and visibility, contributing to the branding and growth of your business.

Q: How does the 'My Loads' tab work in Vahak?

A: The 'My Loads' tab in Vahak allows users to post their load details and receive instant bids from interested parties. It simplifies the process of finding suitable lorries for transportation needs, providing a quick and efficient way to connect with potential service providers.

Q: Is Vahak only for individual truck owners, or can fleet owners also benefit from the platform?

A: Vahak caters to both individual truck owners and fleet owners. Whether you have a single lorry or an entire fleet, you can use the platform to connect with a vast network of transporters, consignors, and other relevant entities, making it a valuable resource for businesses of all sizes in the road transport industry.

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