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Earn ₹500 Amazon vouchers for every successful referral with Onsitego Refer and Earn. Your friends get 15% off on their first purchase!

Q: What is Onsitego?

A: Onsitego is India’s leading device-care company that offers extended warranty plans, damage protection plans, and repair services for a wide range of electronic devices. The company covers over 300+ brands, operates in 10,000+ retail stores, and has a customer base of 80 lakh+.

Q: What services does Onsitego provide?

A: Onsitego offers extended warranty plans, damage protection plans, and repair services for various electronic devices such as AC, laptop, mobile, tablet, water purifier, printer, chimney, hob, refrigerator, geyser, and microwave.

Q: What is the Onsitego Refer and Earn program?

A: The Onsitego Refer and Earn program allows users to earn vouchers worth ₹500 from Amazon for every successful referral. Participants can refer friends to purchase an Onsitego plan or service and receive exciting rewards.

Q: How do I participate in the Onsitego Refer and Earn program?

A: To participate, simply share your unique referral code with friends. Earn vouchers worth ₹500 on Amazon for every successful referral when your friends purchase an Onsitego plan or service, and they get an immediate 15% discount on their first purchase.

Q: Do I receive a coupon for inviting friends to Onsitego?

A: No, you receive a coupon each time a friend buys an Onsitego plan using your referral code. The reward is in the form of Amazon gift vouchers worth ₹500.

Q: How many friends can I refer to Onsitego?

A: There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer. The more friends you refer, the more vouchers you earn. Additionally, you stand a chance to win exciting prizes such as LED TV, Smartphone, and Smartwatch every month based on the number of successful referees.

Q: When do my friends receive the 15% discount?

A: Your friends receive the 15% discount as soon as they use your referral code during their first purchase of Onsitego plans or services.

Q: How are the monthly prizes for referees determined?

A: Every month, the top three referrers with the maximum number of successful referees have a chance to win Television, Smartphone, and Smartwatch. Minimum successful referees required are 15, 10, and 5, respectively, within a 90-day period.

Q: How and when are the Amazon gift vouchers sent to the referrer?

A: The Amazon gift voucher of ₹500 is emailed to the referrer when the referee makes a purchase using the referral link. This is applicable only when the referee keeps the order beyond the 30-day return policy.

Q: Can I refer immediate family members to Onsitego?

A: No, the referrer cannot refer to their immediate family members as part of the referral program.

Q: What are the conditions for the referee to avail the discount?

A: The referee can use the referral code through the link sent to them to avail the 15% discount. This offer is valid for the referee's first purchase on the Onsitego website with a minimum value of Rs. 300.

Q: Is self-referral allowed in the Onsitego Refer and Earn program?

A: No, self-referral (referring yourself) is not allowed in the Onsitego Refer and Earn program.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the 15% discount coupon?

A: The 15% discount coupon cannot be combined with any additional offer/coupon and has a limited validity period.

Q: Can Onsitego modify or terminate the Refer and Earn program?

A: Yes, Onsitego reserves the right to modify or terminate the referral program at any time based on its sole discretion. Offers may vary from time to time based on the company's discretion.

Q: What should I do in case of fraudulent transactions or other issues?

A: In case of any transactions deemed fraudulent by the Onsitego team, Onsitego reserves the right to cancel the referral reward. For all other queries, please email

Q: What are the key features of Onsitego's Extended Warranty?

A: Onsitego's Extended Warranty includes:

  • Extension of Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • Defect & Breakdown Coverage

  • ‘No Questions Asked’ Repair Policy

  • Guaranteed Repairs or Replacement

Q: How does Onsitego protect against accidental damages?

A: Onsitego provides Screen Protection Plans and Spills and Drops Plans to cover physical and liquid damage for devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops, and cameras. The plans include assured repairs or device replacement.

Q: What devices does Onsitego cover for repair and maintenance services?

A: Onsitego offers repair and maintenance services for a variety of devices including AC, laptop, mobile, tablet, water purifier, printer, chimney, hob, refrigerator, geyser, and microwave.

Q: What are the benefits of choosing Onsitego for device repairs?

A: Users can enjoy services by trained in-house engineers, a 90-day warranty on spare parts, a 30-day warranty on service, and the convenience of safe, at-home repairs.

Q: How does Onsitego's HomeCare Plan work?

A: The HomeCare Plan provides an all-in-one solution covering AC, water purifier, laptop, and more. It includes free unlimited repairs, three free maintenance services, and coverage for multiple devices.

Q: Can I use Onsitego for services that are no longer under warranty?

A: Yes, through the Onsitego app, users can choose from maintenance and repair services for devices and appliances that may not be under warranty anymore.

Q: How can I book a repair service with Onsitego?

A: Users can easily book repair services through the Onsitego app. The app provides a quick and convenient way to request services for various devices.

Q: What brands does Onsitego cover?

A: Onsitego covers over 300+ brands, ensuring a comprehensive range of devices are included in their warranty and repair services.

Q: How do I contact Onsitego customer support?

A: For any queries or assistance, users can contact Onsitego's customer support through the contact details provided on their official website or through the Onsitego app.

Q: Is Onsitego available across India?

A: Yes, Onsitego is available across India with a presence in 10,000+ reputed retail stores, making it convenient for users to access their services.

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