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Join to Maccaron refer and earn program with Maccaron referral code AHKE9F728087, Get 10 M-Points per referral, up to 100 Points for 10 friends.

Q: What is Maccaron?

A: Maccaron is a Global beauty destination that specializes in bringing the best of Korean skincare and makeup products to customers.

Q: When was Maccaron established?

A: Maccaron was launched in May 2019 with the aim of filling lives with colors of self-care and self-love.

Q: What is the "Refer a Friend" event at Maccaron?

A: The "Refer a Friend" event allows Maccaron customers to invite their friends to join the platform and earn rewards in the form of M-Points.

Q: What is referral code of Maccaron?

A: The referral code for Maccaron is AHKE9F728087.

Q: How many friends can I invite through the referral program?

A: You can invite a maximum of 10 friends through the referral program.

Q: How many M-Points can I earn by referring friends to Maccaron?

A: If you successfully refer 10 friends, you can earn a total of 100 M-Points.

Q: How do I earn M-Points for each successful referral?

A: For each friend who registers on Maccaron using your referral code, you will earn 10 M-Points.

Q: Where can I find my unique referral code?

A: Your unique referral code is displayed on the "Referral" page within the Maccaron app or website.

Q: Can I refer existing Maccaron customers?

A: The information provided doesn't clarify whether existing Maccaron customers can be referred or if the program is only for new registrations.

Q: Is there an expiration date for the "Refer a Friend" event?

A: No expiration date is mentioned, so it's unclear if the referral program is time-limited or ongoing.

Q: How can I redeem the M-Points earned through referrals?

A: The information provided doesn't specify how the earned M-Points can be redeemed or utilized.

Q: Can I refer friends from any country or region?

A: There are no geographical restrictions mentioned for the referral program, suggesting you may be able to refer friends globally.

Q: Is the referral program available on both the Maccaron website and mobile app?

A: The image doesn't clarify if the program is accessible on multiple platforms, but it's likely available on both the website and app.

Q: Can I track the status of my referrals and earned points?

A: The information provided doesn't indicate if there is a feature to track referrals and point accumulation within the Maccaron app or website.

Q: Is there a customer support channel for queries related to the referral program?

A: No customer support information is provided specifically for the referral program.

Q: Are there any minimum order requirements to use a referral code?

A: The information provided doesn't mention any minimum order value requirements to use a referral code.

Q: Can I share my referral code through various channels like messaging apps or social media?

A: While not explicitly stated, it's likely that you can share your referral code through various digital channels to invite friends.

Q: Is the referral program part of Maccaron's efforts to build a community of beauty enthusiasts?

A: The referral program aligns with Maccaron's mission to empower customers and promote self-care, suggesting it may be a way to engage and grow their community of beauty enthusiasts.

Q: Why is it called Maccaron?

A: The name 'Maccaron' signifies the wide range of products for all skin types, just like the delicious macarons come in all colors and flavors.

Q: What is Maccaron's mission?

A: Maccaron's mission is to empower customers by making their skin healthier with specially curated products for the Indian skin.

Q: Where are Maccaron's products sourced from?

A: All of Maccaron's products are directly sourced from the brands or authorized distributors to ensure 100% authenticity.

Q: What is Maccaron's curation process?

A: Maccaron's beauty experts handpick each product with immense consideration and love for the customers' skin, following a strict and stringent process.

Q: What are Maccaron's brand values?

A: Maccaron's brand values include being a beauty destination, providing 100% authentic products, using good and natural ingredients, and offering affordable prices.

Q: Where is Maccaron's Korean team located?

A: Maccaron's Korean team is located in Gangnam, one of the trendiest districts of Seoul, South Korea.

Q: What does Maccaron's Korean team do?

A: The Korean team constantly researches the latest beauty trends in Korea and sources the most trendy products to bring to India.

Q: Where is Maccaron's Indian team located?

A: Maccaron's Indian team is located in Gurgaon, the financial and technology hub of India.

Q: What is the role of Maccaron's Indian team?

A: The Indian team strives to ensure a smooth and great customer experience for Maccaron's users.

Q: Does Maccaron offer free shipping?

A: Yes, Maccaron offers free shipping on orders above Rs. 700.

Q: What is Maccaron's cancellation policy?

A: Maccaron has a cancellation policy that customers can refer to on their website.

Q: How can customers contact Maccaron?

A: Customers can contact Maccaron through their email or by visiting their office address provided on their website.

Q: What is Maccaron's commitment to authenticity?

A: Maccaron is India's biggest 100% authentic K-beauty platform, and all their products are certified in India.

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