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Join Livspace Refer and Earn program & earn 3% of their project's value. Share details, earn ₹2,500 on visit, ₹7,500 on booking, and more.

Q: What is Livspace?

A: Livspace is a platform offering beautiful interior design solutions tailored to fit your budget.

Q: How can Livspace help me with my home interiors?

A: Livspace provides personalized designs, superior finishes, and timely delivery for every style of home.

Q: What is the Livspace referral program, and how does it work?

A: Share Livspace with friends and family, earn 3% of the project value or ₹20,000, whichever is higher. Fill the form with friend's details and earn at 3 stages.

Q: How can I qualify for the referral program?

A: All Livspace customers with a valid Project ID qualify. Referred friends must use Livspace for home interiors with a minimum project value of ₹3.5 lakh.

Q: How many friends can I refer?

A: There's no limit. Refer as many friends as you want to maximize your earnings.

Q: How will I receive my referral payouts?

A: Payments are via bank transfer. Livspace contacts you for bank details once your friend visits the Experience Centre.

Q: When will I receive my referral payouts?

A: Payouts are processed between the 15th and 20th of each month, depending on when your friend reaches milestones.

Q: What if I haven't received my referral payouts?

A: Contact Livspace at 1800-309-0930 or if eligible referrals haven't resulted in payouts.

Q: Can I refer friends who haven't availed of Livspace services before?

A: Yes, anyone can be referred, but they must use Livspace for their home interiors to qualify.

Q: Is there a time limit for referring friends?

A: No, there's no time limit. You can refer friends whenever you like.

Q: Are there any restrictions on where my referred friends can live?

A: No, there are no location restrictions. Your friends can live anywhere in India.

Q: What if my referred friend cancels their project?

A: Unfortunately, you won't receive the referral payout if your friend cancels their project.

Q: Can I track the status of my referral payouts?

A: Yes, you can inquire about the status of your payouts by contacting Livspace customer care.

Q: Is there a limit on how much I can earn through referrals?

A: No, there's no limit. The more friends you refer, the more you can earn.

Q: Are there any fees or charges associated with participating in the referral program?

A: No, there are no fees or charges. Participation is free.

Q: Can I refer myself or my own projects to earn rewards?

A: No, self-referrals are not eligible for rewards.

Q: What happens if I provide incorrect information while referring a friend?

A: Ensure the accuracy of the information provided. Incorrect details may lead to disqualification from the referral program.

Q: What services does Livspace offer?

A: Livspace offers modular kitchens, wardrobes, lighting, flooring, electrical work, civil work, false ceiling, wall design, and painting.

Q: Does Livspace offer warranty on its products?

A: Yes, Livspace provides a flat 10-year warranty on modular products and up to 1-year on-site service warranty.

Q: What technology does Livspace use in its products?

A: Livspace employs AquaBloc® Technology, AntiBubble® Technology, and DuraBuild™ Technology for durability and quality.

Q: Are there any price benefits when working with Livspace?

A: Livspace offers a price-match guarantee, flexible payment options, and transparent pricing without hidden costs.

Q: How can I estimate the cost of my interior project with Livspace?

A: You can use Livspace's Interior Price Estimator tool to calculate the approximate cost of your full home, kitchen, or wardrobe interiors.

Q: What is the process of working with Livspace?

A: The process involves meeting a designer, booking a renovation, execution, final installations, and moving in to enjoy your newly designed space.

Q: How do I refer a friend to Livspace?

A: You can refer a friend by sharing your positive experience with Livspace and encouraging them to book a free consultation.

Q: What rewards do I earn for referring a friend to Livspace?

A: Referrers may earn rewards or benefits as per ongoing referral programs offered by Livspace.

Q: Is there any limit to the number of referrals I can make?

A: There may be certain limitations or terms associated with the referral program, which can be clarified by contacting Livspace directly.

Q: Can I track the progress of my interior project with Livspace?

A: Livspace may provide updates and progress reports throughout the project duration for better transparency and communication.

Q: Are there any additional services or offerings provided by Livspace?

A: Livspace may offer additional services such as interior design guides, technology-driven solutions, and collaborations with trusted partners.

Q: How can I get in touch with Livspace for further inquiries?

A: You can reach out to Livspace via phone, WhatsApp, or by booking a free consultation through their website.

Q: What sets Livspace apart from other interior design companies?

A: Livspace is known for its focus on quality, technology-driven solutions, transparent pricing, and commitment to customer satisfaction, setting it apart in the industry.

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