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Join Exly Refer & Earn and Invite creators, earn ₹10,000 once they hit ₹10,000 in sales. Start growing your income today.

Q: What is Exly?

A: Exly is an innovative platform designed to help entrepreneurs, artists, and professionals launch, manage, and grow their business online, thereby enabling them to professionalize their passion and establish a strong online presence.

Q: Who can use Exly?

A: Exly caters to anyone aspiring to be an entrepreneur, including independent professionals, coaches, instructors, studios, experts, influencers, and creators. This extends to fitness coaches, studios, and more.

Q: What is the Exly Refer and Earn program?

A: The Exly Refer and Earn program allows you to earn ₹10,000 by referring other creators to the Exly platform. When the creators you refer do a business of ₹10,000 on Exly, you earn the bonus.

Q: How do I refer a creator to Exly?

A: Click on ‘Refer & Earn Now’, fill in the details of the creator in the form, and share your unique referral link with them. Ensure they use your referral link to sign up.

Q: Is there any cost to get started with the Exly Refer and Earn program?

A: No, you can start for free by clicking on “Get Started for FREE” and participate in the Refer and Earn program.

Q: How much can I earn by referring a creator?

A: You can earn ₹10,000 for each creator you refer once they achieve a revenue of ₹10,000 on Exly.

Q: Do I need to be an Exly user to refer someone?

A: Yes, you need to be an Exly creator to access the referral program and refer other creators.

Q: What are the steps my referred creator needs to follow?

A: The creator needs to sign up and start transacting on Exly using your referral link and the same information you initially shared.

Q: Can I earn money passively through this program?

A: Yes, by referring creators to Exly and once they start earning on the platform, you can earn money passively.

Q: When will I be eligible to earn the ₹10,000 bonus?

A: You are eligible to earn ₹10,000 when your referred creator has crossed a revenue of ₹10,000 on Exly.

Q: Do the referred creators have to conduct a specific type of business on Exly?

A: There are no specific types of business mentioned, but the creators should use Exly for their transactions to qualify.

Q: Is there a limit to how many creators I can refer to?

A: The information provided does not indicate a limit on the number of creators you can refer.

Q: What if my referred creator does not sign up using my referral link?

A: If the creator does not sign up using your referral link, the referral may not be attributed to you, and you may not be eligible for the bonus.

Q: How does Exly confirm that a referred creator is attributed to me?

A: Exly uses unique referral links and the information input at the time of referral to track which new creators were referred by you.

Q: Are there any conditions that the referred creator’s transactions should meet?

A: Yes, the transactions made by the referred creator must pass Exly's fraud check filters to qualify for the Refer and Earn program.

Q: How will I know when I’ve earned the ₹10,000 bonus?

A: Exly will likely notify you once your referred creator has reached the ₹10,000 revenue mark and you are eligible for the bonus. For precise details, you may want to check with Exly’s support.

Q: Can I refer someone who is already an Exly creator?

A: No, the Refer and Earn program is designed to bring new creators to the Exly platform. Referring existing creators does not qualify for the Refer and Earn bonus.

Q: What type of sessions can I create on Exly?

A: On Exly, you can create a wide range of sessions including recurring batches, single or multi-session workshops, and 1-1 consultations or appointments. These sessions can be conducted both online and offline.

Q: What are the charges for using Exly?

A: Creating your webpage, domain, and continuous maintenance are free on Exly. A 5% commission is charged on bookings to cover server and payment gateway costs. Custom pricing options are available for larger businesses and studios.

Q: How does payment work on Exly?

A: You will need to provide your bank account details during the webpage creation process. Exly will transfer the booking payments to your account within 48 hours of the event completion.

Q: Can I create recurring workshops or classes on Exly?

A: Yes, Exly allows you to create and conduct classes, workshops, or sessions with the flexibility to decide their frequency, duration, timing, format, and curriculum.

Q: What is Exly's mission?

A: Exly aims to make professionals, artists, and creators more productive and successful by offering top-notch tools and services for launching, managing, and growing their businesses online.

Q: Is technical support available for setting up on Exly?

A: Yes, Exly offers support for setting up your online presence, with options to reach out for any extra services or customizations needed.

Q: Can I list both online and offline sessions on Exly?

A: Absolutely, you have the flexibility to list both online and offline sessions on your Exly webpage.

Q: What is the process to get started on Exly?

A: To get started, sign in on the Exly platform where you’ll gain access to a dashboard. This dashboard enables you to create and manage your sessions.

Q: Are there any hidden fees when using Exly?

A: There are no hidden fees with Exly. The platform operates transparently with a set 5% commission on bookings and clear communication about any charges for additional services or customizations.

Q: Can Exly cater to large businesses and studios?

A: Yes, Exly accommodates the needs of large businesses and studios with custom pricing options to ensure their unique requirements are met efficiently.

Q: How quickly can I start hosting sessions after signing up on Exly?

A: Upon completing the sign-up process and setting up your webpage, you can immediately begin creating and listing sessions to host.

Q: Is Exly suited for beginners in the online business space?

A: Yes, Exly is designed to be user-friendly and supportive for entrepreneurs at all levels, including beginners who are just starting their journey in the online business world.

Q: How does Exly empower artists and professionals?

A: Exly equips artists and professionals with the necessary tools, services, and flexibility to transform their passion into a professional and thriving online business, fostering growth and success in the digital realm.

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