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Earn extra monthly items with WorkFlowy Refer and Earn. Give friends 100 free items, and receive 100 extra monthly items for each referral!

Q: What is Workflowy?

A: Workflowy is a clean and distraction-free app designed to help you quickly capture notes, plan your to-do's, and organize information. It is a simple yet powerful tool that allows you to manage all aspects of your life.

Q: What can I do with Workflowy?

A: With Workflowy, you can:

  • Capture notes and ideas instantly.

  • Tag and assign items for easy access.

  • Mark to-do tasks with one-swipe completion.

  • Upload photos and files from your device.

  • Organize complex ideas with infinite nesting.

  • Manage activities using kanban boards.

  • Share notes and collaborate in real-time.

  • Filter your Workflowy content in seconds.

  • Embed YouTube videos and tweets.

Q: How does Workflowy help with organization?

A: Workflowy allows for infinitely nested lists, enabling you to organize information in a hierarchical structure. You can also use kanban boards, tag items, and assign tasks to keep everything well-organized.

Q: How does the WorkFlowy Refer and Earn program work?

A: The WorkFlowy Refer and Earn program allows you to give your friends free WorkFlowy space. When your friends join through your referral, they'll receive 100 free items. As an added bonus, for each friend that joins, you'll also get 100 extra monthly items in your WorkFlowy account.

Q: How can I refer friends to WorkFlowy?

A: To refer friends to WorkFlowy, you can use the unique referral link provided in your account. Share this link with your friends, and when they sign up using that link, they will receive 100 free items, and you'll earn 100 extra monthly items for each successful referral.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of friends I can refer on WorkFlowy?

A: There is typically no limit to the number of friends you can refer to WorkFlowy. The more friends you refer, the more free items you can earn monthly. It's a great way to expand your WorkFlowy space and enhance your productivity.

Q: How do I track the status of my referrals in WorkFlowy?

A: WorkFlowy provides a dashboard or section within your account where you can track the status of your referrals. This allows you to monitor how many friends have joined through your referral link and how many extra monthly items you've earned.

Q: Can I refer friends who are already using WorkFlowy?

A: The WorkFlowy Refer and Earn program is usually designed for new users. Your friends need to sign up for a new WorkFlowy account using your referral link to be eligible for the 100 free items, and for you to receive the 100 extra monthly items.

Q: How do the free items work in WorkFlowy?

A: The free items in WorkFlowy refer to the capacity or limit of items you can have in your account without any charge. When your friends join through your referral, they receive 100 additional free items, and you, as the referrer, earn 100 extra monthly items.

Q: Is there an expiration date for the free items earned through referrals on WorkFlowy?

A: The terms may vary, but generally, the free items earned through referrals on WorkFlowy are available on a monthly basis. It's advisable to check the terms and conditions or the dashboard in your account for specific details on the validity of these items.

Q: Can I use the extra monthly items earned through referrals to increase my storage permanently on WorkFlowy?

A: The extra monthly items earned through referrals are typically a temporary boost for your account, valid for the specific month. These items are added to accommodate increased usage during that period, but they may not permanently increase your storage capacity.

Q: Are there any restrictions on how I can use the extra items earned through referrals in WorkFlowy?

A: Generally, there are no specific restrictions on how you can use the extra items earned through referrals in WorkFlowy. You can use them to create additional lists, tasks, or notes, enhancing your overall productivity within the platform.

Q: How quickly are the extra monthly items credited to my WorkFlowy account after a successful referral?

A: The extra monthly items are typically credited to your WorkFlowy account shortly after your referred friend successfully signs up using your referral link. The exact timing may vary, but it is usually a quick and automated process.

Q: Can I access Workflowy on multiple devices?

A: Yes, Workflowy automatically syncs across all your devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. This ensures that your data is always up-to-date, and you can seamlessly switch between devices.

Q: Is my data safe with Workflowy?

A: Workflowy takes data security seriously. Your data is automatically saved and backed up, and the app supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) to enhance security.

Q: Who uses Workflowy?

A: Workflowy is used by a diverse range of professionals, including entrepreneurs, writers, engineers, scientists, creatives, and students globally. Notable users include Mike Cannon-Brookes (CEO of Atlassian), Farhad Manjoo (New York Times technology columnist), Slack's founders, Nick Bilton (author of 'Hatching Twitter'), and Ian Coldwater (Open Source Security Foundation board member).

Q: What are some feature highlights of Workflowy?

A: Workflowy offers several features, including infinitely nested lists, offline functionality, automatic syncing with desktop and web versions, simple document sharing and permissions, one-swipe item completion, kanban boards, global text search, expand and collapse lists, tagging and assigning items, mobile keyboard shortcuts, mirroring (live copy), date tags, YouTube and tweet embeds, and auto-backup to Dropbox.

Q: Can I work offline with Workflowy?

A: Yes, Workflowy works offline, allowing you to access and edit your lists even when you don't have an internet connection. Changes made offline will sync automatically when you reconnect.

Q: How do I collaborate with others using Workflowy?

A: Workflowy enables real-time collaboration. You can share your notes with others, and changes made by one person are instantly reflected for everyone involved. Permissions can be set to control who can view or edit shared documents.

Q: How do I contact Workflowy support?

A: For any inquiries or assistance, you can reach out to Workflowy's customer support through their official website or within the app. They typically provide responsive support to address user queries and concerns.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of my Workflowy lists?

A: Yes, Workflowy provides options for customization. You can highlight text, use color tags, and employ various formatting options to make your lists visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Q: What is the significance of kanban boards in Workflowy?

A: Kanban boards in Workflowy allow you to manage your tasks in a visual way, helping you track progress and streamline your workflow. You can easily move items between different stages, providing a clear overview of your projects.

Q: Are there keyboard shortcuts available in the mobile version of Workflowy?

A: Yes, Workflowy supports mobile keyboard shortcuts, making it more convenient to navigate and perform actions on your lists using your smartphone or tablet.

Q: How does Workflowy handle document sharing and permissions?

A: Workflowy simplifies document sharing. You can share specific lists or documents with others, and permissions can be set to control whether collaborators can view or edit the shared content.

Q: Can I use Workflowy offline on all devices?

A: Yes, Workflowy's offline functionality extends to all devices, ensuring that you can access and edit your lists without an internet connection on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Q: What are Mirrors in Workflowy?

A: Mirrors in Workflowy allow you to create live copies of a list. Any changes made to the original list are mirrored in real-time, making it useful for creating duplicates that stay synchronized.

Q: How does Workflowy support date management?

A: Workflowy includes date tags, allowing you to associate specific dates with your tasks or notes. This feature aids in organizing and prioritizing your to-do list based on deadlines.

Q: Can I integrate Workflowy with Dropbox for additional backup?

A: Yes, Workflowy supports auto-backup to Dropbox, providing an extra layer of backup for your data. This ensures that your information is securely stored and retrievable even in the unlikely event of a data loss.

Q: What is item starring in Workflowy?

A: Item starring allows you to highlight and prioritize specific items in your lists. This feature is useful for drawing attention to important tasks or notes within a larger workflow.

Q: How do I embed YouTube videos and tweets in Workflowy?

A: Workflowy allows you to embed multimedia content directly into your lists. You can easily embed YouTube videos and tweets by pasting the respective URLs, enhancing the richness of your notes and ideas.

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