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Join TuitionPad Refer and Earn with TuitionPad Referral code (rekha-9569125099) and earn ₹1000 for each referral. Get rewarded for spreading the word about our tutoring platform.

Q: What is TuitionPad?

A: TuitionPad is an online platform that offers personalized tuition classes for various subjects, including coding for kids, chess classes, and more.

Q: What subjects can I learn at TuitionPad?

A: You can learn subjects such as math, physics, chemistry, and Python programming at TuitionPad.

Q: How can I invite my friends to TuitionPad?

A: Once you apply for the "Refer & Earn" program, you will receive an email with your referral code (rekha-9569125099). You can share this code with your friends through WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, Mail, etc.

Q: Who can I refer to TuitionPad?

A: You can refer anyone who could benefit from TuitionPad's tuitions.

Q: Is there a limit to how much reward I can earn through this program?

A: No, there is no limit. The more people you refer, the more rewards you can earn. However, we encourage you to refer individuals who will genuinely benefit from TuitionPad with TuitionPad referral code (rekha-9569125099).

Q: What can I earn by referring someone to TuitionPad?

A: For every referral that enrolls with TuitionPad, attends the free demo class, and purchases a paid plan, you will receive a referral amount of INR ₹1000 if the referred student chooses to pay in one-time payment option (saves 5%).

Q: In what scenarios will I earn the referral amount?

A: You will receive the referral amount when the referred student pays in one-time payment option (₹1000), or if they choose to pay in three installments, you will receive ₹600 when they enroll by paying the first installment, ₹200 when they pay the second installment (after 30 days), and ₹200 when they pay the third installment (after 30 days of the second installment).

Q: Will my referred friend receive a special discount?

A: Yes! When your referrals enroll, attend a demo class, and purchase a paid subscription by paying in one-time payment option, they will receive up to a 5% discount on the payment.

Q: How will my friend use my referral link/code?

A: When your referral requests a free demo class, they need to enter your referral link/code in the "Details About Your Request" input of the demo class form.

Q: Which plans and age groups are eligible for referral rewards?

You can collect referral rewards for every referred student who buys a plan from available tuition plans (Class 8 to 12) or from upcoming plans or courses.

Q: When will I receive my referral amount?

A: The referral amount will be credited to you within 7 business days after the purchase of a paid plan by the referred student.

Q: How will I know if my referral has joined TuitionPad?

A: You will receive an email notification for each successful referral who joins TuitionPad referral code (rekha-9569125099).

Q: How can I get help if I have additional questions?

A: For any queries, you can write to us at or call us at +91 7976649684.

Q: What is a referrer?

A: A referrer is a person who invites their friend to using their referral code or link.

Q: What is a referred friend?

A: A referred friend is a person who has been invited to by a referrer and has used the referrer's referral code or link while scheduling a demo class.

Q: What is a successful referral?

A: A referral is considered successful when a referred friend purchases a Tuitionpad Tuition Plan or Course.

Q: Are there any terms and conditions for the referral program?

  • Yes, here are some key terms and conditions:

  • The referral program is only applicable if the referred friend is a new user for and has never made a purchase before.

  • Referred friends need to book a free demo class on Tuitionpad using the referrer's referral link or code to count as a referred student.

  • If an invited friend makes a purchase without the referral code, you will not be entitled to the cashback reward.

  • Referrers and referred friends eligible for cashback rewards must have a Paytm/ PhonePe /GooglePay account linked to the shared number used while applying for the "Refer & Earn" program.

  • Cashback will be credited to the referrer's UPI wallet after 7 business days of the successful purchase by referred friend(s).

  • has the authority to change the reward amount at any time and may close the referral program without providing cashback in such a scenario.

  • Please note that these FAQs are based on the information provided and may vary slightly depending on the specific terms and conditions of TuitionPad's "Refer and Earn" program.

Q: How do I join live classes at TuitionPad?

A: To join live classes at TuitionPad, you need to register for a demo class, select the subject and grade level, provide your contact details, and then attend the scheduled demo class. Once you are satisfied, you can enroll for the classes.

Q: Who will teach me after the demo class?

A: The teacher who conducted the demo class will continue teaching you in the future classes.

Q: How many classes per week does TuitionPad provide?

A: The number of classes provided per week varies depending on the course. For group classes, there are usually three classes per week.

Q: Why should I choose TuitionPad for personalized online tuition classes?

A: TuitionPad provides personalized attention, small batch sizes, expert teachers, regular assessments, doubt resolution, and flexible class schedules.

Q: What are the requirements for enrolling in online classes at TuitionPad?

A: You need to have a laptop or PC with a webcam and headphones for the live classes.

Q: Is there a demo class available before enrolling?

A: Yes, there is a demo class available before enrolling. You can register for a demo class on their website.

Q: What is the medium of communication in the classes?

A: The classes are conducted through a real-time face-to-face live interaction method.

Q: What is the timeline for syllabus completion at TuitionPad?

A: The syllabus completion timeline is fixed, ensuring that the entire syllabus is covered within a specified time frame.

Q: Will a recording of the class be provided if I miss a session?

A: Yes, a recording of the class will be provided for students who miss a session, allowing them to catch up on the missed material.

Q: How will doubts be resolved in the classes?

A: Doubts can be raised during the live classes, and the teachers will provide instant doubt resolution. Additionally, there is a dedicated student support manager for counseling and mentoring.

Q: What is included in the package offered by TuitionPad?

A: The package includes regular face-to-face live classes, unit-wise and subject-wise tests, performance analysis, personalized improvement plans, PDF notes, and more.

Q: Can you provide some testimonials from happy parents and students?

A: Yes, here are a few testimonials:

  • "I enrolled my son in class 11 Physics at Tuitionpad. They provided a very good teacher. Overall, I'm very happy with Tuitionpad and would recommend it to others." - Somya's Mother, Class 12

  • "My son started to see a significant improvement in his understanding of the concepts after taking classes from Tuitionpad." - Shubham's Father, Class 12

  • "Enrolled my daughter in 1-on-1 Math classes, and she is very happy and confident enough with other learning. Recommending this website for online classes." - Tanu's Father, Class 12

  • What is the contact information for TuitionPad?

You can reach out to TuitionPad at or call +91 7976649684.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.

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