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By signing up with Trainman referral code hima7478 and joining the Trainman Refer and Earn program, you can earn 100Rs per referral. Start referring your friends and family to Trainman now and earn big rewards.

Q: What is Trainman?

A: Trainman is an online platform for booking train tickets in India. It offers affordable prices for train tickets and features live running status and PNR status checks. The Trainman app also allows users to spot their train even in offline mode.

Q: What is the Trainman Referral Program?

A: The Trainman Referral Program allows you to earn 100RS for every friend who books their first train ticket on Trainman, and your friend will also receive 100RS on sign up.

Q: What is Referral Code for Trainman App?

A: Trainman referral code is hima7478.

Q: How do I participate in the referral program?

A: To participate, simply invite your friends to book train tickets on Trainman using your unique referral link or Trainman referral code.

Q: Can I refer multiple friends?

A: Yes, there is no limit to the number of friends you can refer to Trainman.

Q: Do my referred friends also receive a referral bonus?

A: Yes, your referred friends will receive 100RS on sign up.

Q: What is TM Cash?

A: TM Cash is a virtual currency in which 1 TM is equal to 1 Indian Rupee. It can only be used for booking train tickets on Trainman.

Q: What is the maximum amount of TM Cash that I can use?

A: You can use a maximum of 200 Indian Rupees worth of TM Cash for booking train tickets on Trainman.

Q: Can I transfer TM Cash to my bank account?

A: No, TM Cash cannot be transferred to your bank account. It can only be used for booking train tickets on Trainman.

Q: Can I gift TM Cash to someone else?

A: No, TM Cash cannot be gifted to anyone else. It is only for personal use.

Q: What is the conversion rate of TM Cash to Indian Rupee?

A: 1 TM is equal to 1 Indian Rupee.

Q: How will I receive my referral bonus?

A: Your referral bonus will be credited to your Trainman account.

Q: How long is the referral bonus valid for?

A: The referral bonus validity period will be specified by Trainman.

Q: Can I refer myself?

A: No, referrals must be from a unique individual to be eligible for the referral bonus.

Q: How do I track my referrals and bonuses?

A: You can track your referrals and bonuses in your Trainman account.

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