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Join SoStronk Refer and Earn, refer with SoStronk Referral code GEHXG6 & earn ₹25. Friends get ₹50, ₹10+50 coins for 1st tourney, ₹75+950 coins for Prime.

Q: what is SoStronk?

A: SoStronk is a gaming platform focused on the competitive esports community, offering tournaments where players can earn cash prizes. It provides a fair play environment with a robust set of rules to maintain the integrity of competitions. Based in Bangalore, India, SoStronk emphasizes building a strong gaming community through its platform, catering to both players and esports enthusiasts.

Q: How does SoStronk ensure fair play and prevent cheating?

A: SoStronk enforces strict Anti-Cheat and FairPlay rules including the prohibition of in-game hacks/mods, exploitation of game glitches, using emulators, and a strict one account per device policy, among other measures.

Q: Is SoStronk a trustworthy platform for gamers?

A: Yes, SoStronk is a trustworthy platform active since 2014, creating a strong gaming community in India, offering gamers the opportunity to play various tournaments and win cash prizes.

Q: What are the SoStronk Refer and Earn program FairPlay rules?

A: Only one SoStronk account can refer up to two BGMI/FF usernames per day. A single username is allowed per tournament. No in-game hacks, multiple devices/accounts, custom rooms, bot games, or third-party tools that alter game results are permitted. Abusing glitches or using emulators is prohibited.

Q: What's the SoStronk referral code?

A: Use GEHXG6 when joining SoStronk to earn ₹25. Your friends get ₹50, plus ₹10 and 50 coins for their initial tournament, and ₹75 with 950 coins upon upgrading to Prime. Begin earning today!

Q: How can I participate in the SoStronk Refer and Earn program?

A: To join the SoStronk Refer and Earn initiative, simply distribute your personal referral code, GEHXG6, to your acquaintances. You and your friend will both reap rewards once they register and enter their first tournament.

Q: What rewards do I receive for referring a friend to SoStronk?

A: You get ₹25 for each sign-up, and your friend gets ₹50. Plus, receive additional ₹10 plus 50 SoStronk coins when your friend joins their 1st tournament, and ₹75 plus 950 coins when they unlock Prime.

Q: Can I refer more than one friend to SoStronk?

A: Yes, you can refer multiple friends, but you must adhere to the FairPlay rules, which limit the number of game usernames you can refer per day.

Q: Is there a limit to the earnings from the Refer and Earn program?

A: There are no specified earnings limits, but the FairPlay rules restrict the number of referrals per day to ensure fair participation.

Q: What happens if I or my referred friend violate SoStronk's FairPlay rules?

A: Violating FairPlay rules, like using hacks or multiple accounts, may result in disqualification from the Refer and Earn program and the platform.

Q: Can my referred friend and I participate in the same tournament?

A: Yes, but ensure you do not exploit the system by farming kills or collaboratively finishing the game, as this goes against FairPlay rules.

Q: How will my referral earnings be paid out?

A: Earnings are credited to your SoStronk wallet, and you can withdraw them according to the platform's withdrawal rules.

Q: What is the minimum balance I need before I can withdraw from my Refer and Earn earnings?

A: The minimum checkout balance is ₹2 for Prime members and ₹50 for non-prime users.

Q: Can I use my referral rewards immediately?

A: Rewards are credited to your account following the successful completion and verification of referral conditions. There may be restrictions on withdrawing bonus cash.

Q: How long does it take for referral rewards to reflect in my account?

A: Reward processing times can vary; check your SoStronk wallet and transaction history for updates.

Q: Are there restrictions on how I can use my Refer and Earn rewards?

A: Restrictions are often placed on withdrawing bonus cash directly. Rewards are typically meant to encourage further participation in games and tournaments.

Q: Can I refer someone from a different country to SoStronk?

A: The program specifics typically cater to specific regions. Please check the eligibility criteria for international referrals.

Q: What if my friend didn't get their sign-up bonus using my referral code?

A: Ensure they have entered the code correctly and met all the criteria. If there’s still an issue, contact SoStronk support for assistance.

Q: I received a disqualification notice after referring a friend. Why?

A: This might occur if the FairPlay rules were breached. Review the rules and contact support to understand the specific reason for disqualification.

Q: What are Daily Battles on SoStronk?

A: Daily Battles are contests where participants can win extra cash 🤑 by competing in games within a specific time frame, allowing additional bonus points from extra games played.

Q: How do 'Best of' tournaments work on SoStronk?

A: Players can participate in unlimited games during a 'Best of' tournament, but only their best 1/2/3 games will be counted towards their final score, with other games adding additional bonus points.

Q: Are there any complaints about the duration of tournaments?

A: Some users find tournament durations long, but SoStronk allows players to focus on their best game within the given timeframe for their scores to count, alongside earning bonus points for extra games.

Q: When will additional games be added to SoStronk?

A: SoStronk continuously works on enhancing the gaming experience and adding popular and competitive games to their platform based on user feedback and demand.

Q: What should I do if my points are incorrectly counted?

A: If your performance is incorrectly counted, click on the “Something wrong?” button for the result to be cross-checked and points adjusted accordingly by the SoStronk team.

Q: What benefits does SoStronk Prime offer?

A: SoStronk Prime members enjoy benefits like exclusive deals, unlimited withdrawals without a maximum limit, and exemption from 30% TDS on winnings.

Q: What is the minimum checkout balance on SoStronk?

A: The minimum withdrawal balance is ₹2 for Prime Members and ₹50 for non-prime users.

Q: Does SoStronk store or capture any personal data?

A: SoStronk does not store or capture any personal data apart from endgame results for point rewards, ensuring users' privacy and security.

Q: How can I refer friends to SoStronk and what are the rewards?

A: For every successful referral, you receive ₹25, and your friend gets ₹50. Additional rewards are given when your referred friend joins their first tournament or unlocks Prime membership.

Q: Why might my payment fail or why can't I see the UPI option?

A: Ensure you are using MasterCard or VISA for Debit/Credit card payments and that your UPI app (PhonePe, Google Pay, etc.) is installed and logged in with the same contact number used for SoStronk.

Q: How do I report cheaters on SoStronk?

A: You can report cheaters by clicking on their name in the leaderboard during a tournament or by creating a ticket to report them, helping maintain a fair gaming environment.

Q: Can I join multiple contests simultaneously without being disqualified?

A: Yes, you can join multiple tournaments at the same time without disqualification, and the same endgame results will be used for all joined tournaments.

Q: Why am I unable to log in with a different account on my phone?

A: Due to SoStronk’s strict ‘One Phone One Account’ policy, to prevent cheating and ensure fairness, you cannot use multiple accounts on the same device.

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