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Join Fantasy Cricket Stocks with Sixer referral code (WAARXQ) and get ₹250 discount bonus. Buy, sell fantasy stocks in cricket players. Refer and earn now!

Q: What is Sixer Fantasy Cricket Stocks?

A: Sixer is an innovative fantasy cricket game where players can buy and sell virtual stocks in cricket players. It offers a unique twist where users can win money based on the performance of their chosen players, regardless of whether the player's stock price goes up or down.

Q: How does Sixer work?

A: In Sixer, users buy and sell virtual stocks in cricket players. They can take up two positions: "Up" if they believe the player will perform well, or "Down" if they anticipate the player's underperformance. Users earn based on the accuracy of their predictions and the fluctuation in player stock prices.

Q: What is Sixer Refer and Earn?

A: Sixer Refer and Earn is a program where users can refer friends to join the platform and earn Discount XP, which can be redeemed for various benefits, including discounts on trading fees and more.


Bonus for Referrer

Bonus for Friend

Sign Ups

25 discount bonus

25 discount bonus


250 discount bonus

250 discount bonus


Up to 40% discount on first trade, 10% on subsequent trades

Up to 40% discount on first trade, 10% on subsequent trades

Q: What is referral code for Sixer?

A: Sixer referral code is WAARXQ.

Q: Will my referral receive Discount XP too?

A: Yes, your referral will also receive a Discount XP of 25 after signing up using your referral code.

Q: What is the validity of Discount XP?

A: Discount XP is valid for 180 days from the time of credit in your Discount XP Balance.

Q: My referral forgot to use my referral link. Is there a way to track it back to my account?

A: Yes, if your referral has not made any trades, they can use your referral code to link back to your account.

Q: Is there any limit on the number of referrals?

A: Currently, there is a limit of 50 referrals. The more successful referrals you invite, the more Discount XP you can earn.

Q: How can I redeem my Discount XP?

A: To redeem Discount XP, go to the Discount XP section on the Wallet page and click on "Redeem All". The eligible amount will be transferred to your Winnings Balance.

Q: How much Discount XP do I receive on each referral?

A: You will receive 25 Discount XP in your Discount XP Balance when your referral signs up using your code.

Q: How much Discount XP do I get when my referral makes their first deposit?

A: When your referral makes their first deposit using your referral code, both you and your friend receive 250 Discount XP each.

Q: How can I refer my friends to Sixer?

A: Every user gets a unique six-letter referral code to refer friends. You can find your referral code in the 'Invite Friends' section under the 'My Account' tab.

Q: How can I quickly redeem my Discount XP?

A: To speed up the process of redeeming Discount XP, you need to unlock certain levels by trading stocks in fantasy players.

Q: Can I use Discount XP for trading?

Yes, you can use Discount XP to fully or partially cover the order amount (excluding fees) on all buy transactions.

Q: Can I directly transfer my Discount XP?

No, Discount XP cannot be transferred directly. However, once unlocked, it can be redeemed to your Winnings balance.

Q: Is there a specific keyword to use for referrals?

Yes, the Sixer referral code is WAARXQ. Make sure to use it when referring friends to ensure proper credit.

Q: Are there any restrictions on using Discount XP?

Discount XP can only be used within the platform for trading purposes and cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to external accounts.

Q: Can I earn Discount XP by referring friends who are already registered on Sixer?

No, Discount XP is only awarded for new sign-ups who use your referral code during registration.

Q: What happens if a player doesn't feature in the playing 11?

A: If a player doesn't feature in the playing 11, their asset price may fluctuate based on buy or sell activity. However, the specific impact on the player's stock price will depend on demand and supply dynamics in the market.

Q: What are Up and Down positions in futures assets?

A: Users can take up "Up" positions if they predict a player will perform well and their demand will increase, or "Down" positions if they anticipate underperformance and a decrease in demand. This allows users to profit from both upward and downward movements in player stock prices.

Q: What happens in case of an abandoned match?

A: In the event of an abandoned match, player stock prices will be reset to their initial values at the beginning of the match. The match will be marked as N/A, with no price changes affecting the player's stocks.

Q: What occurs if a player retires during the game period?

A: If a player retires during the game period, users can sell the player's asset at the prevailing price, regardless of the number of matches the asset has been held for in their portfolio.

Q: What if a player doesn't bat or bowl in the match?

A: If a player doesn't bat or bowl in the match, their match score will be equivalent to their last 15-game average in that specific format, ensuring fairness in determining player performance.

Q: Is there a deadline for buying and selling player assets?

A: In Sixer, users can trade player assets anytime between matches, except during live matches. There's a minimum holding period of one in-squad game and a maximum of five playing-11 games before users can sell their assets.

Q: Is there a trading fee applicable in the Sixer market?

A: Yes, for every buy or sell trade on the Sixer platform, a trading fee ranging from 0.5% to 7.5% is applicable based on market conditions. This fee is charged on the value of the Futures Assets being traded.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of player stocks I can hold?

A: Yes, users can hold a maximum of 1000 stocks in a player at a time. This limit ensures fairness and balance in the trading ecosystem.

Q: Are trading fees different for Up and Down positions?

A: Yes, trading fees may vary for Up and Down positions due to differences in supply and demand dynamics for future assets in the two positions.

Q: How does the 2x multiplier work?

A: The 2x multiplier amplifies the impact of a player's performance on gains or losses. It doubles the profit or loss percentage based on the price movement of the player's stock, providing users with enhanced potential returns.

Q: How can users track price changes and score updates?

A: Users can track live price changes and score updates on the Match Center within the Sixer platform. Additionally, the Summary section in the Portfolio tab provides an overview of investment details, realized and unrealized gains/losses, and more.

Q: Can users close their portfolio?

A: Yes, users can close their portfolio by selecting the "Close Portfolio" option if all their stocks are eligible for sale, meaning they have been held for at least one game.

Q: Can users hold both Up and Down positions in the same player?

A: Yes, users can hold a maximum of 1000 stocks each in both Up and Down positions simultaneously for the same player. This flexibility allows users to diversify their strategies and potentially profit from various player performances.

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