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Join Sirona's refer and earn program with referral code SHIV319079. Earn rewards up to ₹10,000 by referring friends to Sirona and redeem for free natural, safe products.

Q: What is Sirona?

A: Sirona is a company that provides feminine hygiene and personal care products for women in India.

Q: What is Sirona's mission?

Sirona's mission is to enrich people's lives by providing top-quality healthcare products and to break the stigma around feminine hygiene.

Q: What is the refer and earn program offered by Sirona?

Sirona has a rewards program where you can invite your friends to co-create products through surveys, and in return, your friends will receive a FREE INTIMATE WASH product.

Q: How can I invite my friends to participate in the refer and earn program?

You can invite your friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, or messaging apps as shown in the images.

Q: What do my friends get when I refer them through this program?

Your friends will receive a FREE INTIMATE WASH product from Sirona when they participate in the surveys or product co-creation process.

Q: What rewards can I earn through this refer and earn program?

By referring your friends, you can earn rewards that can be redeemed for free products from Sirona worth up to ₹10,000.

Number of Friends Invited


1 Friend

FREE Vitamin C Body Wash (200 ml) worth ₹399

3 Friends

FREE No Dandruff Duo Pack worth ₹908

5 Friends

FREE Daily Radiance Pack worth ₹1048

10 Friends

FREE Coupon worth ₹2000

20 Friends

FREE Coupon worth ₹5000

The table shows that the rewards escalate as the number of invited friends increases. At the lower end, inviting just one friend can earn a free Vitamin C Body Wash, while inviting 20 friends can earn a coupon worth ₹5000, which appears to be the highest reward shown in the images.

Q: How do I redeem the rewards earned through this program?

The images show a "Claim Your Rewards" section, suggesting that you can claim and redeem the earned rewards through the app or website.

Q: Are the products offered through this program safe and toxin-free?

Yes, the images highlight that the products redeemable through this program are "NATURAL," "SAFE," and "TOXIN FREE."

Q: Can I track the progress of my referrals and earned rewards?

The images show a "Rewards Balance" section, indicating that you can likely track your referrals and the corresponding rewards earned.

Q: Is there a referral code I can use to participate in this program?

You mentioned a referral code "SHIV319079" in the context of this program.

Q: How does the refer and earn program work?

The images outline a four-step process: 1) Invite Friends, 2) Friends receive FREE Product, 3) Claim your Reward, 4) Redeem rewards up to ₹10k.

Q: Can I invite an unlimited number of friends through this program?

The information provided does not specify any limits on the number of friends you can invite or the rewards you can earn.

Q: Is there a specific period or deadline for this refer and earn program?

No details about the program's duration or deadline are mentioned in the provided information.

Q: Can I refer friends from outside India to participate in this program?

The information does not specify any geographic restrictions on referring friends for this program.

Q: How long does it take for my friends to receive the FREE INTIMATE WASH product after participating?

The information does not provide details on the timeline for friends to receive the free product after participating.

Q: Is there a minimum number of referrals required to start earning rewards?

No minimum referral requirements are mentioned for earning rewards through this program.

Q: Can the earned rewards be redeemed for cash or are they limited to product redemption?

Based on the information provided, the earned rewards can be redeemed for free products from Sirona worth up to ₹10,000, with no mention of cash redemption.

Q: What are some of Sirona's best-selling products?

Some of Sirona's best-selling products include Sirona Naturals Cream Back and Bum Cream, Sirona Menstrual Cup With Pouch - Duo Pack, Skin Nourishing Depigmentation Duo, Stretch Marks Body Butter, and Antibacterial Period Stain Remover.

Q: What makes Sirona's Menstrual Cup unique?

Sirona's Menstrual Cup is made of 100% medical-grade silicone, collects 15ml+ of blood while maintaining the natural vaginal pH, and provides 8 hours of leak-free protection.

Q: What is special about Sirona's Stretch Marks Body Butter?

Sirona's Stretch Marks Body Butter contains a high concentration of Vitamin A that can help rebuild collagen to fade the appearance of stretch marks.

Q: What types of products does Sirona offer?

Sirona offers a range of products, including period care, intimate care, toilet hygiene products, personal care, and family protection products.

Q: Why should customers choose Sirona?

Customers should choose Sirona because it is a one-stop shop for affordable yet superior quality feminine hygiene and personal care products, and it aims to educate women about their bodies, menstruation, and provide affordable alternatives.

Q: What is Sirona's PeeBuddy product?

Sirona's PeeBuddy is a female urination device that helps women maintain toilet hygiene.

Q: Does Sirona offer any products for sexual wellness?

Yes, Sirona offers condoms, lubricants, pregnancy test kits, and sexual wellness kits.

Q: What is unique about Sirona's Antibacterial Period Stain Remover?

Sirona's Antibacterial Period Stain Remover is designed to eliminate blood stains from fabrics without using bleach, preventing fabric discoloration.

Q: Does Sirona offer any hair removal products?

Yes, Sirona offers body razors and cartridges, face and eyebrow razors, hair removal cream, electric razors, shaving gel, and hair removal kits.

Q: What is Sirona's Cleanse & Moisturise Intimate Duo?

The Cleanse & Moisturise Intimate Duo is a combination of products specifically formulated for intimate hygiene and care.

Q: Does Sirona offer any products for underarm care?

Yes, Sirona offers underarm sweat pads, maternity breast pads, and underarm deodorant roll-ons.

Q: What is Sirona's Skin Nourishing Depigmentation Duo?

The Skin Nourishing Depigmentation Duo is a combination of a face wash and serum designed to address the needs of sensitive skin that has lost its natural pigmentation.

Q: Does Sirona offer any products for personal safety?

Yes, Sirona offers pepper spray and emergency alarms for personal safety.

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