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For every successful referral, you will earn Rs.300 when you refer your friends to participate in the Moj for Creators program.

Q: How does the Moj Creator Referral Program work?

A: With the Moj Creator Referral Program, current Moj users can refer their fellow creators to the Moj app to win rewards. As part of this referral program, Mohalla Tech Private Limited ("MTPL") will provide Android and iOS versions of its Moj app, collectively referred to as the "Platform."(“MTPL”), collectively referred to as the "Platform".

Q: Who can you refer?

A: There are many creators on Moj and other platforms that you can refer:

  • A new creator is someone who has created at least five videos on another platform.

  • Creators on Moj: Original content creators with at least five videos.

Q: How can you refer Moj?

A: You can share the link generated through the creator referral page with your friends.

Q: When will you receive your reward?

A: Each successful referral will earn you Rs. 300 (600 Mints) (once the invitee clicks on the link shared by the referrer, installs the Moj app if it's not already installed, applies for the MFC program, and is selected).Referrals should be applied to the MFC program within 7 days for consideration. After application to MFC, our team may take upto 15-20 days to verify the referral, and upon successful referral the creator referring will win 300 rupees. It should take 1-2 days for the amount to appear in your wallet after selection.

Q: When will a creator be eligible to apply for the MFC program on Moj?

A: The following conditions must be met in order for a referral to qualify as a "Qualified Referral":Qualified Referral" shall mean that all of the below-mentioned conditions are met:

  • After clicking on the referral link shared by the Referrer, the Invitee applies to MFC within 7 days and is selected as a MFC creator by the MTPL team

  • In the event that an Invitee does not click on the referral link shared by the Referrer, the referral will not count as a qualified referral

  • A referral will not count as qualified if the Invitee does not participate in the MFC program within 7 days of clicking on the referral link

  • Invitees who have already participated in or are MFC creators will not be counted as qualified referrals

  • An invitation will not count as a qualified referral if, after applying to the MFC program, the Invitee is not selected by the internal review team of MTPL to be a part of the program

  • The Invitee cannot be considered qualified if they have already been referred by another Referrer

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