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Refer your friend to create, market and sell course on Graphy. You earn 50% first order commission for each successful referral

Q: What is Graphy?

A: Graphy is a platform that allows users to create, market, and sell courses. It allows users to create and monetize their knowledge and skills by creating courses.

Q: How can I earn money through the Graphy referral program?

A: You can earn money by referring friends to create, market, and sell courses on Graphy. You will earn 50% first order commission for each successful referral.

Q: How do I refer friends to Graphy?

A: To refer friends to Graphy, you need to first register yourself as an affiliate on the Graphy website ( Once you have registered, you can start sharing the creator's content and promoting it to your friends.

Q: Are there any limits to the number of friends I can refer?

A: There may be limits to the number of friends you can refer, depending on the specific terms of the Graphy referral program.

Q: How do I check my referral status and earnings?

A: You can check your referral status and earnings in the referral section of your Graphy affiliate account.

Q: How will I get paid for the referral money I earn?

A: The specific method of payment and payout schedule may vary depending on the terms of the Graphy referral program. You can check your Graphy account to know the specific details.

Q: Are there any other ways to earn money on Graphy?

A: Yes, in addition to the referral program, you can earn money on Graphy by creating, marketing, and selling your own courses.

Q: Is there any specific condition that my friend needs to fulfill in order to get me the referral earning?

A: The specific terms and conditions of the referral program may vary, but generally speaking, your friend needs to sign up for Graphy using your referral link and make their first purchase for you to earn referral commission.

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