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Delight in gourmet meals delivered! Use FreshMenu referral code ea075, earn ₹100 off your next ₹200+ order. Friends get 20% off + free delivery on first try. Tasty rewards await food lovers!

Q: What is FreshMenu?

A: FreshMenu is an online food delivery platform that offers a curated selection of freshly prepared meals. They focus on providing high-quality, chef-crafted dishes made with premium ingredients, delivered directly to your doorstep.

Q: How does FreshMenu differ from other food delivery services?

A: FreshMenu distinguishes itself by offering a daily-changing menu of gourmet dishes prepared by professional chefs. Unlike many platforms that aggregate restaurant menus, FreshMenu operates its own kitchens, ensuring consistent quality and hygiene standards.

Q: What is FreshMenu's Refer and Earn program all about?

A: FreshMenu's Refer and Earn program is a way for customers to share their love for FreshMenu's food with friends. When you refer a friend using your unique code (like "ea075"), and they place their first order, you get a ₹100 coupon for your next order of ₹200 or more.

Q: What is referral code for FreshMenu?

A: FreshMenu referral code is ea075.

Q: What does my friend get when they use my FreshMenu referral code?

A: Your friend receives two benefits on their first order: up to a 20% discount on their meal and free delivery. This makes it an attractive offer for them to try FreshMenu's chef-crafted dishes without worrying about extra costs.

Q: How do I share my FreshMenu referral code with friends?

A: You can share your referral code (e.g., "ea075") directly through the FreshMenu app or website. They provide options to share via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp, or you can send it through email. The easier you make it for friends to use your code, the better!

Q: When do I receive my ₹100 coupon for referring a friend?

A: You'll receive your ₹100 coupon once your friend's first order is successfully delivered. This ensures that both you and your friend have a positive experience before rewards are given.

Q: Is there a minimum order value to use my ₹100 referral coupon?

A: Yes, to use your ₹100 referral coupon, your next order must be at least ₹200. This encourages you to try more of FreshMenu's diverse menu options while still giving you a substantial discount.

Q: Can I use my referral coupon along with other FreshMenu offers?

A: No, the terms state that any referral discount cannot be used in conjunction with other referral codes or clubbed with any other FreshMenu program or offer. Each discount is meant to be used separately to maximize your savings over multiple orders.

Q: Can I transfer my ₹100 referral coupon to someone else?

A: No, the referral discounts are non-transferrable. They are tied to your account as a reward for your personal referral efforts. Also, the coupons don't have any cash value, so they can only be used for FreshMenu orders.

Q: Is the referral program available in all cities where FreshMenu operates?

A: The referral program might have city-specific restrictions. The terms mention that referral discounts can only be availed in the state or city prescribed by FreshMenu. Always check if the program is active in your area.

Q: Can my friend use the referral discount on an order they've already placed?

A: No, the referral discount is only applicable on new orders. It cannot be retroactively applied to previous orders, so make sure your friend uses the code when placing their first order.

Q: What if my order value is less than my referral discount?

A: If your order amount is less than your referral discount value, the entire discount will be applied. For example, if you have a ₹100 coupon but order only ₹180 worth of food, you'll still use the full ₹100 discount.

Q: How many times can a friend use my referral code?

A: Each friend can use your referral code only once. The terms clearly state that the referral discount on a code can be availed only once by the referral recipient (your friend). This keeps the program fair and encourages you to refer more friends.

Q: Can I use my own referral code to get a discount?

A: No, the spirit of the program is to bring new customers to FreshMenu. Using your own code or creating multiple accounts to self-refer would be considered abuse of the system and could result in losing your referral privileges.

Q: Is there an expiration date on the referral coupons?

A: The provided terms don't specify an expiration date for the referral coupons. However, it's common for such offers to have a validity period. Check your account or contact FreshMenu customer service to confirm the validity of your coupon.

Q: What happens if my friend cancels their first order?

A: If your friend cancels their first order, it's likely that neither of you will receive the referral benefits. The terms state that you get the coupon after your friend's order is delivered, implying a successful, non-cancelled order is required.

Q: Can I stack multiple referral coupons on one order?

A: No, you cannot stack or combine multiple referral discounts on a single order. Each ₹100 coupon you earn from referrals must be used on a separate order of at least ₹200. This encourages repeat orders and lets you enjoy discounts over time.

Q: How often does the FreshMenu menu change?

A: FreshMenu's menu changes daily, offering a diverse range of cuisines and dishes to cater to different tastes and preferences. This variety keeps the dining experience exciting and allows customers to explore new flavors regularly.

Q: Can I customize my order on FreshMenu?

A: While FreshMenu's dishes are pre-designed by chefs to ensure optimal taste, some customization options may be available. You can usually request modifications like spice level adjustments or ingredient exclusions, subject to the dish's composition.

Q: Is FreshMenu available in my city?

A: FreshMenu operates in several major cities in India, including Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, and Pune. To check if they deliver to your area, enter your location on their website or app.

Q: How do I place an order on FreshMenu?

A: You can order through the FreshMenu website or mobile app (available on iOS and Android). Browse the menu, select your dishes, add them to your cart, choose a delivery time, and proceed to checkout.

Q: Does FreshMenu offer subscription or meal plan services?

A: Yes, FreshMenu provides subscription plans for regular customers. These plans offer benefits like discounted prices, priority delivery, and the convenience of scheduled meals, making it ideal for busy professionals or health-conscious individuals.

Q: How does FreshMenu ensure food quality and safety?

A: FreshMenu operates FSSAI-certified kitchens that follow strict hygiene protocols. They source ingredients from trusted suppliers, use advanced packaging to maintain food temperature, and have a quality assurance team to oversee every stage of food preparation and delivery.

Q: Can I schedule my FreshMenu delivery for a specific time?

A: Absolutely. FreshMenu allows you to schedule deliveries up to a day in advance. This feature is particularly useful for planning meals around your work or personal schedule.

Q: What is the FreshMoney Wallet and how does it work with these cashback offers?

A: The FreshMoney Wallet is a prepaid balance feature on FreshMenu. You can add money to this wallet and use it to pay for your orders. The current promotion offers cashback when you add specific amounts to your wallet. For example, if you add ₹3,000, you'll get ₹1,000 back, effectively giving you ₹4,000 to spend on FreshMenu. Similarly, adding ₹1,999 gets you ₹300 cashback, and adding ₹999 earns you ₹130 cashback. This encourages users to preload their wallets for a bonus balance.

Q: Are there any terms and conditions for these FreshMoney Wallet cashback offers?

A: While exact terms may vary, typically such offers come with conditions like:

  • The offer is valid for a limited time.

  • Cashback is credited to your FreshMoney Wallet within 24-48 hours of adding the money.

  • The cashback amount can only be used for FreshMenu purchases and cannot be withdrawn.

  • The offer might be limited to one-time use per user or account.

  • There could be a minimum order value to use the cashback.

It's always recommended to read the full terms on the FreshMenu app or website to understand any restrictions or eligibility criteria.

Q: Does FreshMenu cater to dietary restrictions?

A: Yes, FreshMenu offers options for various dietary needs. They have vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and low-carb dishes. Each dish on the menu is clearly labeled with dietary icons for easy identification.

Q: How long does FreshMenu take to deliver?

A: Delivery times vary based on your location and the time of order. Generally, FreshMenu aims to deliver within 30-45 minutes of the scheduled time. During peak hours, it might take slightly longer.

Q: What payment methods does FreshMenu accept?

A: FreshMenu accepts various payment methods including credit/debit cards, net banking, digital wallets like Paytm and Google Pay, and cash on delivery in select areas.

Q: Does FreshMenu offer corporate or bulk catering services?

A: Yes, FreshMenu provides corporate catering for events, meetings, or regular office meals. They offer customized menus, bulk discounts, and seamless delivery to make corporate dining hassle-free.

Q: How does FreshMenu handle customer complaints or issues with orders?

A: FreshMenu has a dedicated customer support team reachable via phone, email, or in-app chat. If there's an issue with your order, they aim to resolve it promptly, often offering refunds, replacements, or credits.

Q: Are nutritional details available for FreshMenu dishes?

A: Yes, FreshMenu provides nutritional information for each dish, including calorie count, macronutrients, and key ingredients. This transparency helps customers make informed choices aligning with their health goals.

Q: Can I leave feedback or rate my FreshMenu experience?

A: Absolutely. After each order, you can rate your experience and leave feedback on the app or website. FreshMenu values customer feedback to continuously improve their service and menu.

Q: Does FreshMenu have a loyalty or rewards program?

A: Yes, FreshMenu offers a loyalty program called "FreshClub." Members earn points on every order, which can be redeemed for discounts, free dishes, or exclusive offers.

Q: How does FreshMenu handle food allergies?

A: FreshMenu lists all major ingredients for each dish. However, due to shared kitchen spaces, they can't guarantee against cross-contamination. If you have severe allergies, it's recommended to contact them directly before ordering.

Q: Is FreshMenu environmentally conscious?

A: FreshMenu is taking steps towards sustainability. They use eco-friendly packaging, minimize food waste through efficient inventory management, and are exploring local sourcing to reduce their carbon footprint.

Q: Can I gift a FreshMenu meal to someone?

A: Yes, FreshMenu offers digital gift cards that recipients can use to order meals. It's a thoughtful way to treat friends, family, or colleagues to a gourmet meal, especially useful for remote gifting.

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