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Invite friends on Foxy refer and earn, earn100 points (₹200) for each successful referral. Redeem points for cashback vouchers. Earn up to ₹2500 in cashback.

Q: What is Foxy?

A: Foxy appears to be an e-commerce platform or app specializing in beauty and personal care products.

Q: What types of products does Foxy offer?

A: Foxy offers a wide range of beauty and personal care products including skincare, haircare, makeup, fragrances, and body care items.

Q: What is Foxy's refer and earn program?

A: It's a program where you can invite friends to Foxy and earn rewards.

Q: How much can I earn for inviting a friend?

A: You can earn 100 points for each successful invite, which equals ₹200 Foxy cashback.

Q: Is there a limit to how much I can earn through referrals?

A: Yes, you can claim up to ₹2500 cashback for all friends you invite.

Q: How do I invite friends to Foxy?

A: You can invite contacts from your phone by clicking the "Invite contacts" button.

Q: What does "BFF" mean in this context?

A: BFF likely stands for "Best Friend Forever," suggesting you should invite close friends.

Q: Can I invite anyone, or only specific contacts?

A: The image suggests you can invite contacts from your phone book.

Q: How are the rewards given?

A: Rewards are given as points, which can be redeemed for cashback vouchers.

Q: What is the conversion rate for points to cashback?

A: 100 points = ₹200 cashback.

Q: Is there a special offer for new users?

A: Yes, there's a "Foxy First | Flat 30% off" offer mentioned.

Q: Can I gift the referral offer to a friend?

A: Yes, the image states "Gift this to your friend & have it for yourself."

Q: Do I need permission to access my contacts?

A: Yes, the app asks you to allow access to your contact book.

Q: What happens after I invite a friend?

A: If the invite is successful, you'll receive 100 points.

Q: How do I redeem my points?

A: The image suggests you can redeem points for cashback vouchers, but doesn't provide specific steps.

Q: Is there a minimum number of friends I need to invite?

A: No minimum is mentioned; you earn for each successful invite.

Q: What's my current wallet balance in the Foxy app?

A: The image shows a total balance of ₹600 in "My Wallet."

Q: Does Foxy have its own mobile app?

A: Yes, the document mentions "Download App" and "DOWNLOAD FOXY APP", indicating that Foxy has a mobile application.

Q: Are the products on Foxy genuine?

A: Yes, Foxy claims to offer "100% Original Products" as mentioned in their guarantees.

Q: Does Foxy offer free delivery?

A: Yes, Foxy offers "Free Delivery on Prepaid" orders.

Q: What is Foxy's return policy?

A: Foxy mentions "Hassle free Returns" as one of their features.

Q: Is shopping on Foxy secure?

A: Yes, Foxy claims to have "Secure Payments" as one of their features.

Q: Does Foxy offer personalized recommendations?

A: The document mentions "Get a personalized feed of content and products with advanced facial analytics", suggesting personalized recommendations.

Q: What are "Drip Drop Deals"?

A: "Drip Drop Deals" appears to be a special promotion or sale category on Foxy, possibly related to monsoon season offers.

Q: What is the "ONE DAY DASH"?

A: The "ONE DAY DASH" seems to be a daily deal feature on Foxy, offering special discounts on specific brands or products.

Q: Does Foxy offer cashback?

A: Yes, many product listings mention cashback offers, such as "₹500 Cashback on Skincare Bestsellers".

Q: What is the "e.d.g.e" mentioned in the document?

A: While not explicitly explained, "e.d.g.e" appears to be a feature or program that offers additional savings to customers.

Q: Does Foxy have a loyalty program?

A: The document doesn't explicitly mention a loyalty program, but features like personalized recommendations and cashback offers suggest there might be one.

Q: Can customers shop by brand on Foxy?

A: Yes, the document includes a "Shop By Brands" section and lists many popular beauty brands.

Q: Does Foxy offer expert advice or routines?

A: The document mentions "Build a routine with experts!" and "Live routines", suggesting that Foxy provides expert beauty advice and routines.

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