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Zepto vs Blinkit: Which One is Better?

In the ever-evolving landscape of online food delivery platforms, the choice of food delivery apps can greatly impact your daily workflow. Two popular options of online grocery delivery, Zepto and Blinkit, have garnered attention for their unique features and capabilities.

In this blog post, we will explore the strengths and weaknesses of each grocery delivery app, compare their key attributes, and help you determine which one may be the best fit for your standards.

Zepto Vs  Blinkit Comparison
Zepto Vs Blinkit Comparison

Let’s delve into the world of Zepto vs Blinkit and uncover which grocery delivery app truly reigns supreme.

Here are detailed comparison between Zepto vs Blinkit:

1. Delivery Speed

Zepto's tagline being "Groceries delivered in 10 minutes" and Blinkit's tagline being "Let's Blink It", both stay true to their promise of quick deliveries and offer an average of 8 mins delivery time.

Note: Delivery time depends on the area chosen during the order. Some places may take longer to reach.

Here is a quick comparison of Zepto vs Blinkit Delivery details:



Location picked:

Chandra Nagar, Basheer Bagh, Hyderabad


Zepto Delivery Time:

8 mins (estimated)


Delivery Timings:

7am to 1am

Also deliver up to 2am in select areas


Zepto Delivery Partners:

Independent contractors who partner with Zepto


‘Delivery Partner’s Safety’:

Delivery partners drive at 15kmph per delivery

Location picked:

Gagan Mahal, Domalguda, Himayatnagar, Hyderabad


Blinkit Delivery Time:

8 mins (estimated)


Delivery Timings:

6am to 11pm

Also deliver from 12am to 6am in select areas


Blinkit Delivery Partners:

Independent contractors who partner with Blinkit

2. Availability

Blinkit offers the most geographical coverage with its availability in 27 cities in India. Zepto's availability is limited at present but it is heavily used in the cities where it's available. Zepto in Chennai is particularly popular.

Here is a quick comparison of Zepto vs Blinkit Availability details:



Available in 10 cities:

  1. Bangalore           

  2. Chennai

  3. Delhi

  4. Ghaziabad

  5. Gurgaon              

  6. Hyderabad         

  7. Kolkata 

  8. Mumbai              

  9. Noida   

  10. Pune     

Available in 27 cities:

  1. Agra

  2. Ahmedabad

  3. Bengaluru

  4. Bhopal

  5. Chandigarh

  6. Chennai

  7. Dehradun

  8. Delhi

  9. Faridabad

  10. Goa

  11. Gurgaon

  12. Indore

  13. Hyderabad

  14. Jaipur

  15. Jalandhar

  16. Kanpur

  17. Kolkata

  18. Lucknow

  19. Ludhiana

  20. Meerut

  21. Mohali

  22. Mumbai

  23. Panchkula

  24. Pune

  25. UP-NCR

  26. Vadodara

  27. Zirakpur

3. Product Selection

You can find a diverse range of fresh produce and pantry staples to meet your everyday needs at both Zepto grocery and Blinkit.

Here is a quick comparison of Zepto vs Blinkit Product Selection details:



Basic Items:

  • Fruits & vegetables

  • Atta, rice, oil & dals

  • Masala & dry fruits

  • Sweet cravings (chocolates, sweet dishes etc)

  • Frozen food & ice creams

  • Packaged food (instant foods like Maggi noodles, MTR rava idli etc)

  • Dairy, bread & eggs

  • Cold drinks & juices

  • Munchies & chips

  • Meats, fish & eggs

  • Breakfast & sauces (corn flakes, ketchup etc.)

  • Tea, coffee & more

  • Biscuits & cookies

  • Makeup & skincare

  • Bath, body & hair

  • Cleaning essentials (dish soap, detergent etc.)

  • Home needs (dish washing scrub, glue etc.)

  • Electricals & accessories

  • Grooming essentials

  • Hygiene & wellness

  • Baby care

  • Pet care

Basic Items:

  • Dairy, bread & eggs

  • Fruits & vegetables

  • Cold drinks & juices

  • Snacks & Munchies

  • Breakfast & Instant Food

  • Sweet Tooth (chocolates, ice cream etc.)

  • Bakery & Biscuits

  • Tea, Coffee & Health Drink

  • Atta, Rice & Dal

  • Masala, Oil & More

  • Sauces & Spreads

  • Chicken, Meat & Fish

  • Organic & Healthy Living

  • Baby Care

  • Pharma & Wellness

  • Cleaning Essentials

  • Home & Office

  • Personal Care

  • Pet Care


‘Summer Essentials’:

  • Sunscreen & More

  • Bath & Body Care

  • Lifestyle Needs (clothes, umbrellas etc.)

  • Ice Cream & Shakes

  • Summer Coolers (Glucon D, Real fruit juice etc.)

  • Home & Living (bedsheets, towels etc.)

'Paan Corner'

Both Zepto and Blinkit offer a 'Paan Corner' where you can buy paan or cigarettes online and have it delivered in minutes.

Zepto paan comes in many flavours and Zepto cigarettes come with combos of smoking accessories. Blinkit cigarettes and other smoking accessories come in variety of combos too.

Here is a quick comparison of Zepto vs Blinkit respective Paan Corners:



  • Paan (variety of flavours)

  • Cigarettes

  • Mints & Gums

  • Smoking Accessories

  • Fresheners & Sweets

  • Chips & Nachos

  • Soft Drinks & Energy Drinks

  • Home Grown Non-Alcoholic Beer

  • Cigarettes

  • Paan Masala & Tobacco

  • Lighters & Accessories

  • Rolling Paper

  • Smoking Cessation (nicotine gum)

  • Hookah Needs

  • Paan

  • Candies & Gum

  • Mouth Fresheners

'Paan Corner' only available through Blinkit Lit App.

4. Pricing

Zepto and Blinkit both follow a dynamic pricing policy in which prices rise during peak hours and fall when there is less demand. The charges will depend on rush hours.

We ordered the same item (Maggi noodles) on both platforms at around noon on a week day to see how the prices differ. There seems to be a benefit in ordering from Blinkit as its price of a 4 pack noodles is less than Zepto's 2 pack noodles.

Here is a quick comparison of Zepto vs Blinkit Pricing:




Maggi noodles (pack of 2)

Weight - 140g

Price - Rs. 28


Discount coupons available but only applicable on orders at least above Rs. 299


Bill Summary:

Item Total & GST – Rs. 31.65

Small Cart Fee – Rs. 35

Handling Charge – Rs. 5.49

Delivery Fee – Rs. 25


Total – Rs. 97.14 Delivery Charges:

For orders below Rs. 99 is Rs. 25

For orders above Rs. 99 is Rs. 0


Maggi noodles (pack of 4)

Weight - 280g

Price - Rs. 56


Discount coupons available but only applicable on orders at least above Rs. 200


Bill Details:

Item Total – Rs. 57 (inc. GST)

Delivery Charge – Rs. 25

Handling Charge – Rs. 2

‘Feeding India Donation’ Charge (can be unchecked) – Rs. 1


Total – Rs. 84


Delivery Charges:

For orders below Rs. 99 is Rs. 25

For orders above Rs. 99 is Rs. 0

Discounts, Offers & Loyalty Programs:

Zepto regularly has discount codes and other offers on its app. Zepto coupon code allows users to get either cashbacks or flat discounts on products. For a Zepto referral code, see below.

Meanwhile, Blinkit offers festive discounts along with regular discounts on the Blinkit app. Special prices through 'Shivratri Specials' which offered items such as fresh milk, flowers, fasting essentials etc., was seen on the app. Blinkit coupon offers discounts and cashbacks as well.

Here is a quick comparison of Zepto vs Blinkit Offer and Discounts:



Special Offers:

Rs. 50 free cash credit

Free Delivery on first 5 orders



18% to 20% off on items


Loyalty Program: ‘Zepto Pass’

Duration - 1 month

Cost - Rs 19 to Rs 39 per month


Zepto Pass Benefits:

Free delivery on all orders above Rs. 99

Up to 20% off on all orders above Rs. 299

Extra 10% off on Fruits & Vegetables on orders above Rs. 299

Special Offers: 'Deals of the Day' - offers 20% to 50% off on various products Discounts:

Electronics & Lifestyle – up to 85% off

Hot & Cold Beverages – up to 30% off

Instant Food & Sweet Tooth – up to 50% off

Baby & Pet Care – up to 50% off


Doesn’t have a loyalty program

5. Business Model

Headquartered in Mumbai, Zepto was founded in 2021 by Aadit Palicha and Kaivalya Vohra. It started as a small startup but now has become one of the most reputed food delivering companies in India. Zepto business model is of 'dark store' type.

Formerly known as Grofers, Blinkit was founded in 2013 by Albinder Dhindsa and Saurabh Kumar. Its headquartered in Haryana. Zepto business model is a Mix of Dark Store and Inventory based.

Here is a quick comparison of Zepto vs Blinkit Business Models:



Follows the Dark Store model:

A ‘dark store’ is a location that is used solely for storing inventory. No visitors are allowed. It proves to be efficient for quick delivery services.


Dark Stores owned: 200+

Mix of Dark Store and Inventory based:

Blinkit uses dark stores as well as partnerships with local stores to facilitate quick deliveries.


Dark Stores owned: 400+

6. User Interface

There are some similarities between the Zepto app and the Blinkit app.


  • Ask for your location and will not let you proceed without it.

  • Show estimated delivery time of your order at the top of the screen.

Here is a quick comparison of Zepto vs Blinkit User Interface:



  • Doesn’t accept orders from website

  • Shows trending items in your specific area

  • Saves item in your cart till you proceed to payment

  • Accepts orders from both app and website

  • Shows all offers on home

  • Shows how fast certain items are selling out

7. Customer Service

Zepto customer services are available from 6am to 3am. Users can also reach out to them through the Zepto app or email.

You can contact Blinkit customer care through the form on their official website or through their email. There is no official Blinkit contact number.

Other customer service acts such as cancellation and refund policy have some similarities. For:

  • Returns - If wrong product or damaged product is delivered. No returns is product has been opened or used.

  • Refunds - Within 7 days of purchase

Here is a quick comparison of Zepto vs Blinkit Cancellation Policy:




Any time till post acceptance of ordered product.


You may cancel before billing is done.

8. Payment Options

Food delivery apps like Blinkit and Zepto offer a variety of payment options for the convenience of customers. However, Blinkit seems to have more options than Zepto.

Here is a quick comparison of Zepto vs Blinkit Payment Options:







Credit or Debit Cards



Paytm Payments Bank Wallet

Amazon Pay Balance


MobiKwik | ZIP (Pay Later)


Airtel Payments Bank


Net Banking: Top 18 banks in India





Credit or Debit Cards




Paytm Payments Bank Wallet



Pay Later:




More than 30 banks to choose from


Pay on Delivery:

Cash on Delivery

9. Brand Reputation

Both Zepto and Blinkit are well reputed among food delivery apps. However, Blinkit has been around longer than Zepto online shopping and therefore has a larger online presence. Blinkit's parent company being Zomato also helps its reputation.

Here is a quick comparison of Zepto vs Blinkit Brand Reputation:



Social Media Following:

Instagram - 303K followers

Facebook - 120K followers

X (Twitter) - 31.8K followers

LinkedIn - 325K followers



Downloads – 10M+

Rating – 4.7 out of 5 stars

Total reviews – 555K reviews

Social Media Following:

Instagram -169K followers

Facebook - 315K followers

X (Twitter) - 68.9K followers

LinkedIn - 615K followers



Downloads – 50M+

Rating – 4.5 out of 5 stars

Total reviews – 1.77M reviews

10. Future Developments

Both companies plan on increasing their growth and reach through expansions. In the coming years, Zepto and Blinkit will undergo transformative advancements which will enhance user experiences.

Here is a quick comparison of Zepto vs Blinkit Future Development Plans:



Planning to go public by 2025:

When a company goes public, it means that the company's ownership is sold to the public through the stock market.


Zepto Café:

Plans to extend its cafe services to Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and other major Indian cities by June 2024.

Geographical and Store expansion:

Plans to expand to more cities throughout India and also increase its warehousing capabilities.


Increase of its growth:

Planning to go head-to-head with leading e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc.


The best food delivery app will likely be the one that adapts to evolving your needs and maintains high-quality service. It is essential for you to consider factors such as geographical coverage, available items, delivery fees, and promotional offers when selecting the best food delivery app for your preference.

Here is a brief overview of Zepto vs Blinkit:



  1. Delivery Speed:

  2. Availability:

  3. Product Selection:

  4. Pricing:

  5. Business Model:

  6. User Interface:

  7. Customer Service:

  8. Payment Options:

  9. Brand Reputation:

  10. Future Developments:

8 mins (estimated) 10 cities Basic everyday items High charges Dark Store Only app orders accepted Available from 6am to 3am 18 net banking options Good Plans of expansion

8 mins (estimated) 27 cities Everyday + seasonal items Lower charges Dark Store & Inventory Accepts Web & App orders No time limit +30 net banking options Better Plans of growth


FAQs on Zepto vs Blinkit

Q 1. Which is faster, Zepto or Blinkit?

A: Zepto claims a 10-minute average delivery time, while Blinkit offers delivery within 90 minutes, with limited 10-minute options in specific locations. However, Blinkit currently covers more cities and areas.

Q 2. Do Zepto and Blinkit offer similar product selections?

A: Both platforms offer a wide variety of groceries and essential items. However, Blinkit might have a slight edge due to its larger network and potential partnerships with local stores.

Q 3. Which is cheaper, Zepto or Blinkit?

A: Both companies offer competitive pricing, but Blinkit may have more frequent deals and promotions.

Q 4. Which app has a better user experience?

A: This is subjective and depends on individual preferences. Consider factors like ease of navigation, ordering process, and customer service when making your decision.

Q 5. What are the key differences in their business models?

A: Zepto focuses on dark stores, data-driven inventory management, and generates revenue through subscriptions and in-app advertising. Blinkit utilizes a mix of dark stores and partnerships with local stores, with a focus on offering deals and promotions.



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