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New Earning Opportunities For Shorts Creators : Earn money on YouTube Shorts from 2023

Updated: Feb 4

The popularity of short-form videos has exploded on YouTube, and to start rewarding this new creative class, YouTube launched a temporary Shorts Fund. Now, YouTube has announced that it will start monetizing YouTube Shorts in 2023! This is great news for content creators who have been putting in the work to produce quality short-form videos. Keep up the good work, and you could start seeing some monetary rewards for your efforts starting next year!

Starting in early 2023, YouTube will be introducing a new revenue sharing program for Shorts creators. ads will run between videos in the Shorts Feed, and every month, the revenue from these ads will be pooled together and used to reward Shorts creators and help cover costs of music licensing.

Earn money on YouTube Shorts
Earn money on YouTube Shorts

What's New in 2023

You could be eligible to join YouTube's Partner Program and get rewarded for making content in any of the following formats: Shorts, live streaming, or long-form video. These new ways to qualify will be available for all creators interested in joining YPP in countries where YPP is available. If you're already in YPP, your eligibility doesn't change. Here's a quick overview of what's new –

  1. Earn money with YouTube Shorts

  2. Music monetization