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OPA brings opportunities to refer and earn Rs.50 on OPA. Invite your friends and earn money today.

Q: How to Refer a Friend on OPA?

A: It's very easy! Follow the below steps:

  • Open OPA app

  • Go to "Your Account" section

  • Select "Refer and Earn" option

  • Copy your personalized link and share it with friends!

Q: What does OPA do?

A: OPA is an influencer marketing platform

  • Help influencers collaborate with brands

  • Help brands run large-complex campaigns

OPA uses technology to deliver an amazing experience to both brands and influencers.

Q: What is the Referral Reward on OPA?

A: So for every successful referral, you will earn Rs.50. There is no limit on how many successful referrals one person can make. There are some influencers who made as high as Rs.22k by promoting their referral link amongst influencers!

Q: What is a successful referral?

A: A referral is considered successful or eligible for reward when:

  • Referred person should download and sign-up on OPA app

  • Referred person should link their Instagram or YouTube account on OPA app

  • Linked account should have a minimum of 1k followers on Instagram/YouTube

  • Linked account should be of an actual person. Fan pages, stores, bots, will be rejected

  • Referred person shouldn’t be an existing member of OPA

Q: How will I get a cash reward?

A: If the referred person has met all the conditions of a successful referral, you will be informed about the same via WhatsApp. We will send you a message indicating the number of successful referrals and also share a payout link for those. You can simply click on the payout link, and enter your bank account details to receive the money in your preferred bank account.

Q: When will I get the cash reward?

A: Once your referred friend has signed up, it will take our team up to 2 weeks to evaluate it for the conditions of a successful referral. As soon as we have verified, we will send the link to collect the cash reward on WhatsApp within a week. So overall, you will get paid for your efforts within a month. We know it's slow, but we are working on making it instant soon!

Q: What is OPA Referral Code?

A: OPA referral code is QP3TK5BP.

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