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Join the GoSats refer and earn program using GoSats Referral Code (GSRX2173) and earn free Bitcoin rewards. Plus, get 2000 Sats for each successful referral. Don't miss out on this opportunity to earn while you spend!

Q: What is GoSats?

A: GoSats is a Bitcoin stacking app that lets users earn Bitcoin cashback when they shop with the app's partnered merchants. It provides ways for users to convert their expenses made with their hard-earned money into savings in the most superior asset of our time - Bitcoin.

GoSats - Bitcoin Reward App
GoSats - Bitcoin Reward App

Q: Who are the founders of GoSats?

A: GoSats founders include Mohammed Roshan (Co-Founder & CEO) and Roshni Aslam (Co-Founder).

Q: How does GoSats work?

A: GoSats works by allowing users to earn bitcoin cashbacks when they shop with partnered merchants. Users can accumulate these cashbacks in their GoSats account, and then use them to make purchases, trade them for other cryptocurrencies, or transfer them to an external Bitcoin wallet.

Q: What is GoSats Refer and Earn Program?

A: The GoSats Refer and Earn Program is a referral system where users can invite friends and family to join the GoSats platform using their unique referral code. Both the referrer and the referee receive 2000 sats on the referee's first purchase, and the sats can be used to make purchases or withdrawn as Bitcoin.

Q: How does the referral system work on GoSats?

A: To participate in the GoSats referral program, you need to share your referral link with your friends and family. When they sign up using your code, both you and your friend get 2000 sats on their first purchase.

GoSats - Free Bitcoin Reward For Shopping
GoSats - Free Bitcoin Reward For Shopping

Q: What is referral code for GoSats?

A: GoSats referral code is GSRX2173.

Q: What are the benefit of using GoSats referral code?

A: A: Using a GoSats referral code provides benefits to both the referrer and referee. The referrer receives a referral bonus of 2000 sats and the referee also receives 2000 sats on their first purchase using the referral code. Additionally, by referring more friends and family, the user can earn more referral bonuses, thereby increasing their sats balance.

Q: Why haven't I received my referral rewards on GoSats?

A: Referral bonuses are credited to both the referrer and referee only after the referee has made their first purchase and their sats are confirmed. For direct shopping, the sats get confirmed only once GoSats receives the cashback from the brand, which usually takes between 60 to 90 days. To receive instant confirmed sats and referral bonuses, you could consider buying vouchers of your favourite brands through the GoSats app.

Q: What is the GoSats card and how does it work?

The GoSats Bitcoin Rewards Card is a prepaid card that allows you to earn Bitcoin rewards seamlessly on every transaction. It can be used for both online and offline transactions across any PoS device in India. Before using the card, it needs to be topped up through the GoSats app, and it can be used once it is topped up.

GoSats Bitcoin Rewards Card
GoSats Bitcoin Rewards Card

Q: How can the card be topped up? What is the maximum amount I can top up on the card?

The card can be easily topped up through the GoSats app, and currently, UPI deposits through GPay, PayTM, and PhonePe are accepted. As per the prepaid card rule in India, the limit for topping up is up to 2 lakh per month after V-KYC completion.

Q: What are the fees and benefits of the card?

The GoSats card comes in two types: Intro and Elite. The Elite card has an annual fee of Rs.999 and provides 1.5% cashback on all spends and a Bitcoin deposit bonus of Rs.250. The Intro card has a one-time fee of Rs.499 and offers 0.5% cashback on all spends and a Bitcoin deposit bonus of Rs.100.

Q: What are vouchers on GoSats?

A: Vouchers on GoSats are like gift cards that can be used to make purchases with their corresponding brands. Not only do you get higher rates of rewards with vouchers, but the sats are credited immediately as well, unlike direct shopping, which takes up to 90 days for sats to be credited.

Q: How do I redeem vouchers on GoSats?

A: Every brand has different ways to redeem vouchers. If you are finding it difficult to redeem your voucher, kindly contact GoSats' support team through the app.

Q: Where can I view the terms and conditions of vouchers on GoSats?

A: The details section on the voucher brand's page on GoSats contains all the terms and conditions of that specific voucher.

Q: Can I receive a refund once I have paid for a voucher on GoSats?

A: Unfortunately, vouchers on GoSats are non-refundable.

Q: How do I withdraw my sats on GoSats?

Answer: To withdraw your sats on GoSats, head over to the wallet section of your app and tap the withdraw button. Once you fill in and confirm your withdrawal details, the order will be processed in the next batch.

Q: Are there any fees for withdrawals on GoSats?

A: No, there are no fees for withdrawals on GoSats. GoSats absorbs the network fees, so there are no charges on all your withdrawals.

Q: How long does it take for my sats to reach me on GoSats?

A: All withdrawal requests on GoSats are processed at 6 pm on Wednesdays. You will receive an email with your transaction details when it is completed.

Q: I have not received my sats after withdrawal on GoSats, what do I do?

A: If you have not received your sats after withdrawal on GoSats, exchanges sometimes need to manually process deposits. Please contact them with the withdrawal information you received through e-mail so that they can resolve the issue internally.

Q: What is the “History” section in my GoSats app?

A: The "History" section in your GoSats app contains a list of all the orders and transactions made through the app. Two different tags will be shown under each transaction indicating the status of your order: "Tracked" and "Completed."

Q: What should I do if my direct shopping order doesn’t appear in my History Section on GoSats?

A: If your direct shopping order doesn't appear in your GoSats History Section, wait up to 2 days for the estimate to show up. If it still doesn't appear, contact the support team for assistance.

Q: Why does GoSats use Bitcoin as a reward currency?

A: GoSats believes that rewards in Bitcoin are superior to other options because Bitcoin is decentralized and has a chance to rise in value, providing an opportunity for users to profit from it. Bitcoin rewards don't have an expiration date and can be exchanged for fiat or other tokens at any time.

Q: Is there any risk associated with receiving Bitcoin rewards?

A: While GoSats believes in the long-term future of Bitcoin, it is important to understand that the market works both ways, and just as the value can rise it can also fall. Especially in the short-term, there is a risk that the value of Bitcoin may go down after you receive rewards.

Q: Can users earn Bitcoin alongside loyalty points?

A: Yes, with the GoSats Bitcoin rewards card, users can stack Bitcoin alongside traditional loyalty programs. For example, if a user pays for their airfare with the Bitcoin rewards card, they could earn Bitcoin alongside loyalty points.

Q: What are the benefits of using GoSats?

A: Using GoSats, users can turn their expenses into savings in a superior asset, and continue passively investing into Bitcoin on the road to financial freedom. Rewards earned through GoSats never expire, have lifetime validity, and grow with Bitcoin.

Q: What can users do with their GoSats rewards?

A: Users can redeem their Bitcoin rewards to get discounts on brands, buy NFTs, stake their Bitcoin, and play blockchain games. They can also transfer their rewards to an external Bitcoin wallet or use them to make purchases.

Q: Can users earn rewards at all their favourite brands in India?

A: Yes, users can collect rewards at all their favourite brands in India with GoSats. The app has partnered with a wide range of merchants to offer users the opportunity to earn Bitcoin cashback.

Q: How can users get started with GoSats?

A: Users can sign up for GoSats on the app's website or download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Once they have created an account, they can start earning Bitcoin rewards by shopping with GoSats's partnered merchants.

Q: How does GoSats determine the amount of Bitcoin rewards a user can earn from a purchase?

A: GoSats uses a percentage-based reward system where the user earns a certain percentage of their purchase amount in Bitcoin. The exact percentage varies depending on the partnered merchant and can range from 0.1% to 100%.

Q: How can I redeem my Bitcoin rewards from GoSats?

A: You can redeem your Bitcoin rewards from GoSats by transferring them to your Bitcoin wallet. You can then use your Bitcoin to buy goods and services or hold onto it as an investment.

Q: Is it safe to use GoSats to earn Bitcoin rewards?

A: Yes, GoSats uses state-of-the-art security measures to protect user information and funds. Additionally, all Bitcoin rewards are stored in cold wallets, which are offline and therefore less vulnerable to hacking attempts.

Q: Can I use GoSats outside of India?

A: Currently, GoSats is only available for use in India. However, the company has plans to expand its services to other countries in the future.

Q: Are there any fees associated with using GoSats?

A: No, there are no fees associated with using GoSats to earn Bitcoin rewards. However, users should be aware that there may be network fees associated with transferring their rewards to their Bitcoin wallet.

Q: How can I become a partnered merchant with GoSats?

A: If you're interested in becoming a partnered merchant with GoSats, you can contact the company through their website to learn more about the process and requirements.

Q: Can I earn Bitcoin rewards for online purchases?

A: Yes, you can earn Bitcoin rewards for both online and in-store purchases through GoSats. Simply use your GoSats card or link your account to the partnered merchant's website to earn rewards.

Q: What other services does GoSats offer besides Bitcoin rewards?

A: In addition to Bitcoin rewards, GoSats also offers a Bitcoin rewards card, which allows users to stack Bitcoin alongside traditional loyalty programs. The company also offers a range of other services, such as the ability to redeem Bitcoin rewards for discounts on brands, buy NFTs, stake Bitcoin, and play blockchain games.

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