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Refer LetyShops to your friends and earn a Rs.70 bonus for each referral. The more friends you invite, the more you can earn with our rewarding referral program. Start saving and earning together!

Q: What is LetyShops?

A: LetyShops is a platform that offers cashback rewards for online purchases made through their partner stores.

Q: How does LetyShops work in India?

A: LetyShops works in India by partnering with over 2850 online stores. Users can select a store, make a purchase as usual, and receive a portion of the money they spent back as cashback.

Q: How do I use LetyShops in India?

A: To use LetyShops in India, you need to follow these steps:

  • Select an online shop from the list of partner stores.

  • Go to the selected store and make your purchase.

  • Complete the purchase as you normally would.

After the purchase, you will receive cashback on your LetyShops account.

Q: How does the LetyShops Refer and Earn program work?

A: In the LetyShops Refer and Earn program, you can invite your friends using your referral link. Once your friend registers using your link and makes qualifying purchases of at least ₹300 within 30 days, both of you will receive ₹70 as a bonus in your LetyShops account balance.

Q: Can I withdraw the referral bonus from my LetyShops account balance?

A: Yes, you can withdraw the referral bonus from your LetyShops account balance once it is credited. You can withdraw the collected cashback to your bank or PayPal account.

Q: Are there any conditions for receiving the referral bonus in the LetyShops Refer and Earn program?

A: Yes, to receive the referral bonus, your friend registered using your referral link needs to make purchases online for at least ₹300 within 30 days after registration at LetyShops. Once the cashback for their purchases is confirmed, both of you will receive ₹70 as a bonus.

Q: Is there a time limit for receiving bonuses for referrals?

A: If you have referrals registered according to the previous referral program, you will receive bonuses for their purchases within a year starting from the moment of their registration via your referral link. The statistics for their purchases will be displayed in your account as long as you have at least one of such referrals.

Q: Can I receive a referral bonus for manually credited cashback?

A: No, the referral bonus is credited only for those orders that automatically appear in your account. If cashback was lost and manually credited to your account balance after contacting customer care service, such an order will not be considered as part of the qualifying purchase.

Q: Can I earn referral bonuses if my referral's registration country is different from my LetyShops account country?

A: No, a referral bonus is added only when a referral's registration country is the same as the country of your LetyShops account. If a referral user selects a different country during registration, neither of you will receive a referral bonus.

Q: Why should I participate in the LetyShops referral program?

A: Participating in the LetyShops referral program has several benefits. You will receive a bonus for each friend you invite, show your friends how to save money with cashback, become a cashback expert, follow the latest trends in online shopping, and support LetyShops in its further development.

Q: What are the advantages of using LetyShops that I can share with my friends?

A: You can motivate your friends to join LetyShops by sharing its advantages, such as higher cashback boosts (e.g., 20% instead of 4%), access to cashback in 2853 shops, including famous marketplaces and the best stores, exclusive discounts and promo codes, and the ability to withdraw cashback to your bank or PayPal account without any fees.

Q: How much bonus can I earn through the LetyShops referral program?

A: For each friend you invite through the referral program, both you and your friend will receive a ₹70 bonus. The more friends you invite, the more you can earn.

Q: Do I need to visit the LetyShops website to activate cashback in India?

A: No, you don't need to visit the LetyShops website to activate cashback in India. LetyShops offers a browser extension that allows you to activate cashback directly in the store without visiting their website. The extension will indicate the activation status for you.

Q: How can I install the LetyShops browser extension in India?

A: To install the LetyShops browser extension in India, you can visit the official LetyShops website and look for the download link or search for "LetyShops browser extension" in your preferred browser's extension marketplace.

Q: Can I use LetyShops with any online store in India?

A: LetyShops has partnered with over 2850 online stores in India. You can choose from this extensive list of partner stores and make your purchases through them to be eligible for cashback.

Q: How do I receive the cashback from LetyShops in India?

A: Once you make a purchase through a partner store, the cashback will be credited to your LetyShops account. You can then withdraw the accumulated cashback through the available payment methods provided by LetyShops.

Q: Is there a cost or fee to use LetyShops in India?

A: No, it is free to use LetyShops in India. The platform allows you to earn cashback on your purchases without any additional costs or fees.

Q: Can I use LetyShops on mobile devices in India?

A: Yes, you can use LetyShops on mobile devices in India. They have a mobile app available for both Android and iOS platforms, allowing you to shop and earn cashback conveniently from your mobile device.

Q: Are there any restrictions or limitations on using LetyShops in India?

A: LetyShops may have specific terms and conditions for each partner store, including any restrictions or limitations on cashback eligibility. It's recommended to review the details provided for each store before making a purchase to ensure you meet all the requirements.

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