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Start earning rewards on Fantoss Refer and Earn. Use Fantoss referral code 3C8DXN7 to get up to ₹50 on sign up. Earn up to ₹500 in Discount points with your friend's first deposit of minimum ₹50.

Q: What is Fantoss?

A: Fantoss is India's only No Risk Fantasy Cricket app where all players can enjoy guaranteed winnings, regardless of their rank. With zero GST, low platform fees, fixed-prize contests, and quick withdrawals, it's one of the best fantasy cricket apps available.

Q: How do I play Fantasy Cricket on Fantoss?

A: Start by creating your team of 11 players using your 100 credit points. Keep in mind that a maximum of ten players can come from a single team. To learn more about team selection criteria, visit the "Help & Support" section of the app. Then start playing our easy-to-win contests to win real money.

Q: What is Fantoss Refer and Earn?

A: Fantoss Refer and Earn is a program that allows users to refer their friends and family to join Fantoss using their unique referral code and earn rewards.

Q: How does Fantoss Refer and Earn work?

A: To participate in Fantoss Refer and Earn, you need to share your referral code with your friends and family. When they sign up on Fantoss using your referral code, they will receive a signup deposit coupon worth up to ₹50, and you will receive up to ₹500 in your Discount point wallet when your friend makes their first deposit of at least ₹50.

Q: How can I participate in Fantoss Refer and Earn?

A: To participate in Fantoss Refer and Earn, you need to sign up on Fantoss and obtain your unique referral code. You can then share this code with your friends and family and encourage them to sign up using your referral code.

Q: How can my friends use my referral code?

A: Your friends can use your referral code at the time of their sign up on Fantoss. There will be a specific field where they can enter the referral code during the registration process.

Q: What is referral code for Fantoss?

A: Fantoss referral code is 3C8DXN7.

Q: What benefits do my friends get by using my referral code?

A: Your friends will receive a signup deposit coupon worth up to ₹50 when they sign up using your referral code. This coupon can be used to avail discounts or offers on their initial deposits on Fantoss.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of referrals I can make?

A: Fantoss allows you to refer up to five friends in their Refer and Earn program. You can earn rewards for each of these five referrals.

Q: How will I receive my rewards for referrals?

A: You will receive your referral rewards in the form of Discount points. These points will be credited to your Discount point wallet on Fantoss.

Q: Are there any conditions for earning referral rewards?

A: To earn referral rewards, your referred friend needs to make a first deposit of at least ₹50 on Fantoss. Once they meet this condition, you will receive your referral rewards.

Q: Can I refer myself or create multiple accounts for referral rewards?

A: No, Fantoss does not allow self-referrals or multiple accounts for the purpose of earning referral rewards. Any attempts to do so may result in disqualification and loss of rewards.

Q: Are there any restrictions on using referral rewards?

A: Referral rewards received in the form of Discount points can be used to avail discounts on future transactions on Fantoss. However, there may be limitations or conditions on the usage of these rewards, such as a minimum transaction value.

Q: How long are the referral codes valid for use?

A: Referral codes on Fantoss are typically valid for a specific period. It is recommended to check the terms and conditions or program details to confirm the validity period of your referral code.

Q: Can I share my referral code on social media platforms?

A: Yes, you can share your referral code on social media platforms or any other medium you prefer. This can help you reach a wider audience and increase your chances of earning referral rewards.

Q: Can I track the status of my referrals?

A: Fantoss may provide features or tools to track the status of your referrals. You can check the progress and the rewards earned through the Refer and Earn program.

Q: Can I participate in Fantoss Refer and Earn without signing up or playing on Fantoss?

A: No, to participate in the Refer and Earn program, you need to have a registered account on Fantoss. The program is designed for existing users to refer new users to the platform.

Q: Is there a limit on the validity or usage of the signup deposit coupon received through referral?

A: The validity and usage conditions of the signup deposit coupon received through referral may vary. It is advisable to check the terms and conditions or program details for specific information on the validity and usage limitations of the coupon.

Q: How does Fantoss protect its players from gaming addiction?

A: Fantoss encourages its players to practice responsible gaming to avoid any potential adverse consequences of gaming and provides support for gaming addiction if necessary.

Q: What is the community size of Fantoss?

A: Fantoss has a community of 10 lakh+ users satisfied with their gaming experience on the app.

Q: Can anyone play on Fantoss?

A: No, anyone under 18 and anyone from Assam Andhra Pradesh Odisha Telangana Nagaland and Sikkim can only practice in contests. Playing with real money is exclusively reserved for adults over 18.

Q: What is the refund policy of Fantoss?

A: Fantoss offers a 100% GST refund with every money addition, making it a zero GST platform.

Q: Does Fantoss have fixed prizes?

A: Yes, Fantoss has fixed prizes, which means that the prizes do not change regardless of the number of entries. This ensures fair and equal treatment for every player.

Q: How do I withdraw my winnings from Fantoss?

A: Withdrawals on Fantoss are quick and easy. All you need to do is complete the simple withdrawal process in the app, and you can receive your winnings in your bank account.

Q: Is Fantoss a safe and reliable platform to play on?

A: Fantoss is one of the most reliable "real money gaming" platforms that use the latest safety and encryption software to protect sensitive information shared by players.

Q: What is the most attractive feature of Fantoss?

A: Fantoss is a safe and secure platform that provides fair and equal opportunities to everyone. The no-risk contest feature and zero GST feature make it an attractive platform to play Fantasy Cricket in India.

Q: Can I join international matches and tournaments on Fantoss?

A: Yes, you can play and participate in various international and domestic matches and tournaments available across the globe on Fantoss.

Q: What is the age limit to play real money games on Fantoss?

A: The age limit for playing real money games is 18 years and above.

Q: How does Fantoss help me keep track of my gaming activity?

A: Fantoss allows players to keep track of their gaming activity, including win-lose history, deposit, and withdrawal history, to help them make better decisions and plan their gaming.

Q: How can I get in touch with Fantoss to ask for gaming addiction support?

A: You can contact Fantoss at or call +91-8800864285 to get assistance for gaming addiction or responsible gaming practices.

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