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Quick Guide: Make Money with VR and 360-Degree Video

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Businesses that play to their strengths and focus on customer needs will definitely gain more profits in the next 4-5 years. The future of technology is revolving around virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. Virtual reality is already grabbing the market and is gradually getting into the mainstream. With such a huge opportunity, many people will try to tap into this growing sector. As a result, it will be difficult to make money from VR and 360-Degree Videos.

Creator 360: Make Money with VR and 360-Degree Video
Creator 360: Make Money with VR and 360-Degree Video

Currently, technology has reached the stage where it is changing the way we consume content, and what's more, it is getting more and more immersive. Virtual reality and 360-degree videos are two terms being used frequently now, but not many know what they are about. This blog is about introducing you to the world of virtual reality and 360-degree videos.

1. Introduction: Current situation of content creation

I'm sure a lot of young individuals nowadays would say they want to become content creators if you questioned them about their ideal career path. That was not even legitimate employment just ten years ago. Now that it's a billion-dollar industry, more and more people want to take advantage of what comes along with it.

Today is the time when YouTubers are more popular than actors. There is a trend of influencing people or audiences on social media through content creation. Thanks to digitization and technological advancements everyone can now become a content creator. The condition is that you have to be passionate and creative.

2. Future of Content Creation

A new virtual world is emerging as the “Metaverse” and there is a plethora of opportunities for content creation in this field. The paradigm shift of this industry is also known as Web 3.0 where you can create a virtual world exactly like the real one through simulation and other advanced technologies. AR and VR are the technologies that have promising future in Web 3.0 as it is solely based on virtual platforms.

This article talks about knowing the basics of 360-degree videos, how to become a content creator in the Virtual Reality (VR) industry, how much money you could make as a content creator, and how to make 360-degree videos. Scroll down to learn more.

3. What is Creator 360?

It is a spherical video format. When viewers watch on Oculus, they feel like being there. Whether it is virtual or imaginary, viewers like to experience these types of illusions. It is non-interactive and you can see it in 2D or 3D format.

As a VR creator, you can design a cutting-edge, immersive virtual reality user experience with 360 VR that lets your audience explore and engage with your goods, services, or events in three dimensions.

Virtual reality (VR) is a fascinating new medium with several uses in marketing, design, entertainment, and other fields. The specialists who create and modify the material for virtual reality are equally adaptable and active. Creators of VR content mainly employ two techniques: computer generation, in which the entire environment is created, coded, and then incorporated into an interactive experience.

4. Opportunities in 360 Content Creation

  • Automobile Industry: This industry is now experimenting to give customers a VR experience before purchasing cars.

  • Gaming Industry: As you know, technological advancements have made kids and teenagers game-edict so it is a booming industry where you can be a VR video creator.

  • Travel And Re-creation Industry: Samsung has collaborated with Qantas Airlines to give passengers a unique and exciting VR experience about travel destinations. This is an example of how the travel and tourism industry is looking for VR experts.

  • Film And Music Industry: The most popular category that uses VR is the film industry. The 360-degree trailer of Conjuring-2 is the best example of the usage of VR in the entertainment industry. There is no looking back if you master the skill of filming 360-degree video.

  • Real-Estate Industry: Real-Estate companies are now giving a virtual tour of dream homes to their prospective clients. This is helpful for everyone. To get the exact idea about the property, home buyers are demanding this type of facility more and more. So you may have a lucrative career in this industry by shooting 360-degree videos.

5. Make Money by becoming a 360 Creator

Data Bridge Market Research has reported that the Virtual Reality Content Creation Market is expected to show a value of 2426.42 billion USD by 2029. This data clearly shows that VR content creation is booming and if you have a passion for making videos you can try this. Your future will be secure after you have expertise in this field as the demand will be going to increase.

The virtual Content Creation Industry also has an estimation of 47% of CAGR growth for the 2022 to 2029 period. So learn skills online, invest in some

Take up 360 filmings if you're seeking an immediate skill to learn. Almost any budget can be used to purchase or rent cameras. After spending a week or so getting acquainted with the tools and technology, and practicing on friends, family members, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions, you can compile a portfolio and a list of testimonials from your test subjects and start advertising yourself as a 360-degree video producer.

The real estate and hospitality sectors, as well as weddings, birthday parties, other events, sports, and music are significant markets for 360-degree videos.

6. Production of 360-degree videos and virtual reality content

You may have used 3D to 7D glasses to watch high-resolution video content. Likewise, 360-degree videos are seen through this equipment but have you ever wondered how these videos are made? Let's see the process.

Have A Panoramic Camera In Your Kit:

You need a four-way or all-around camera equipped with multi-directional cameras. Be sure to set up mobile trajectory in advance.

Pick Your Content And Shoot- Prepare An Environment For Shooting:

Decide what you want to share with your viewers. Choose a realistic shooting environment. You can take inspiration from movies to set the background. For example, Pirates Of The Dream Space”

Video-stitching And Pos-Production Activities:

Stitching is the process of combining overlapping images to get a clear picture. Edit the videos using the tools available online for editing VR content. You can also edit 360-degree videos with your android phone. You can use VeeR VR Editor, V360, Collect and THETA+ to edit your 360-degree on your smartphone.

7. Top Platform to Publish your 360 Video

360 video is becoming the hottest topic in the video industry. Probably not many people know this, but it is the hottest topic in the video industry. This is one of the reasons why there are so many 360 video platforms out there. There are many platforms that allow you to publish your 360 videos, including -

Facebook: Using your large following on Facebook's social network, you can display 360-degree video footage to friends and family. You can even join a group on Facebook called Facebook 360 if you're a 360 creator. The Facebook Creators Community is a place to learn about updates, share thoughts and ideas about cool 360 experiences, and engage with the rapidly growing creator community.

YouTube: YouTube is a suitable platform for posting your 360 videos because of the large audience it attracts. It can, however, be difficult for many content creators to get their videos seen since people aren't seeing them. You can read more about different platforms that may be best suited for your 360-degree content creation needs by scrolling down.

Vimeo: Vimeo should only allow 360 footage with equirectangular corners, similar to YouTube. A community of 360 content creators is emerging on Vimeo360 as the world's next great filmmaking platform. It is estimated that Vimeo has over 240 million monthly viewers and fans, according to the company statement. You can also sell your 360 videos on Vimeo's open global marketplace, which includes a curated 360 channel and staff picks. Taking video education a step further, Vimeo now offers 360-degree video lessons with a wealth of tips and advice for beginners, pros, and everyone in between.

Flickr VR: Flickr VR makes it easy to experience photos on Flickr in 360° with Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus. Viewing 360-degree photos on the web is still possible without a Gear VR or Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Photos supported by the site will rotate when you visit them. The photo can be moved around by clicking and dragging with your mouse. It is estimated that "tens of thousands" of 360° photo experiences have been uploaded to Flickr. The company is also working on adding support for VR images for auto-tagging and uploading. Photos with equirectangular shapes will be detected automatically by Flickr and the VR viewer will be enabled on the photo page.

Kuula: If you're looking for a 360 panoramic photo-sharing tool that provides high picture quality, Kuula makes it easy. "Kuula is one of the leading 360/VR photo sharing sites in the world and a premium tool for creating engaging and interactive 360 content," according to its site. With Kuula, you can create a Virtual Tour composed of several 360-degree panoramas. Using the assigned hotspots within images and/or thumbnails on the bar at the bottom, users can move between images. It is also possible to add interactive elements to virtual tours, such as links to text or videos. With Kuula, you can edit and enhance your VR photos using Addons. Stickers, text, and hotspots are the three types of add-ons.

I believe now you have understood that 360-degree virtual reality has outstanding prospects in virtually every sector of the economy. As the creator economy is booming, you must never miss any single opportunity to create content and earn billions. Take this piece of information as your guide and start your creative journey right now.



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